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Tommee Tippee Sangenic Twist Click Starter Set


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Product information "Tommee Tippee Sangenic Twist Click Starter Set"

Babies, a miracle of nature and the greatest happiness of families. Everyone loves them. Everyone wants to cuddle and carry them. But there is something all babies need. Nappies!
And this is where it stinks for most people. Used nappies filled to the brim and disposed of in a simple, classic rubbish bin can smell very unpleasant after a short time.
And this is exactly where this product from Sangenic can help all parents, grandparents and anyone else who has to dispose of used nappies.

The Sangenic Twist & Click nappy twister is not a simple nappy bin. This nappy bin twists each nappy individually wrapped in foil. So not only are odours safely packed away, but so are bacteria. The nappy twister is equipped with an easy push system. This means that each nappy is simply and hygienically pushed individually into the pail. The twist wrap function stands for twisting in foil. This film is multi-layered and has antibacterial protection which kills about 99% of germs. When pushing the nappy into the Sangenic pail, your own hands remain untouched as a plug in the lid takes over this task.

When you consider how often you have to change your baby throughout nappy time, buying the Sangenic Twist & Click nappy twister is certainly not pointless!
This nappy twister is the only one that packs and encloses each nappy individually. The extra matching refill cassettes contain approximately one month's worth of film. Only then does the cassette need to be replaced, depending on the nappy size and the amount of nappies used in a day. For the Sangenic Twist & Click nappy twister, you have to get the refill cassettes specially made for it. Another advantage of the nappy pail that is really worth mentioning is that crawling babies cannot get the nappies out of the pail, as the Sangenic Twist & Click nappy twister cannot be opened by simply tipping it over and you cannot get at the nappies by opening the lid. The nappy twister holds about 28 nappies for nappy size 1. Only then does the bucket need to be emptied.

Features of the Tommee Tippee Sangenic Twist & Click nappy twister at a glance:

  • Nappy Twister in a timeless design
  • unique in its technology because each nappy is wrapped individually
  • antibacterial foil
  • 99% of germs are killed in the pail
  • no dirty hands due to hands-free pushing in of the nappy
  • no unpleasant odours
  • easy cleaning due to the practical chain principle
  • safe for baby and toddler
  • Very large volume of the bin
  • Nappy pail holds about 28 nappies (depending on nappy size)
  • dimensions: L28,5 x W24,5 x H43,4 cm

Scope of delivery of the package sizes:

  • 1 nappy pail + 19 refill cassettes

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