Toddler Car Seat

Baby car seats successor for safety when driving a car

Child car seats from 9 months or a weight of approximately nine kilograms are divided into three groups. The classic group 1 model is sufficient for a body weight of up to eighteen kilograms. If your child is to travel rear-facing, choose a reboarder from group 1 - 2, which has a weight limit of 36 kilograms. The third option is a safety system for your car that combines groups 1, 2 and 3 and which are convertible. These can be used for children up to the age of twelve or until they reach a height of 150 cm. In other words, until the end of the child seat obligation. What all the groups have in common is that they all comply with the latest safety regulations, the reclining and seating positions are adjustable and the seat is high.posThe reclining and seating positions are adjustable and offer a high level of comfort for your little one. The covers are washable and changeable. In our care category you will also find suitable detergent & Co.
If your child outgrows the infant carrier, a larger car seat must be purchased. In the group 1 from nine to eighteen kilograms, your little one is safe until he or she is about four years old. But not all children are the same size and weight. Make sure that your little one's head does not protrude over the backrest. If this is the case before the age of four, you will have to switch to the next child seat group earlier.
In these child seats, your child rides forward facing. The child is restrained either with a harness or a safety harness. The advantage of the 5-point harness is that the children have a lot of freedom of movement. In the event of a collision, however, there is a greater risk that the head will be thrown forward, resulting in head and neck injuries.
The so-called impact shield is a firm cushion that supports the child's upper body. The head and neck roll off so that these parts of your child's body are not subjected to so much strain. The table is also practical for longer car journeys to play with toys on. The products are fastened either with the straps of your car or on the Isofix station. They fit perfectly even in small cars.
Group 1/2 reboarders, which you use until your child is six years old or has reached a body weight of twenty-five kilograms, offer good protection when driving. Here, your little one rides in a rear-facing position. Studies show that reboarder seats offer the best protection in accidents because the child is pressed into the seat in the event of a collision. There is no strain on the head and neck. Reboarding is recommended up to the age of four. After that, the seat is simply turned around. The child now sits in the direction of travel. The installation is done on the Isofix station or with the car seat belts, but you should prefer the installation with Isofix. The disadvantage of the reboarder is that it takes up a lot of space in the car and is not suitable for all vehicles.
Group 1/2/3 car seats can be used the longest and are therefore an inexpensive way to transport your child safely for a long time. Easy conversion and exact adjustment to the body size of your child is given with all models. Depending on the product, your child is secured with a 5-point harness or a safety cushion. It can be secured with Isofix or with the car's seat belts. Please always take enough food for your child on long journeys.