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tissi Sleep

Sleeping is important for babies

Sleeping determines the daily routine for babies and toddlers. While newborns sleep an average of 17 hours a day, divided into many small naps, the sleep requirement for toddlers is reduced to around 14 hours by the time they are one year old. The more comfortable the little ones feel in their baby bed, the calmer and deeper they sleep and the more restful the sleep. Whether baby bed or cot: with tissi, parents choose a brand that is characterised by ecologically safe materials, robust workmanship and many functional details.

Different beds for the little ones

Fresh air and a pleasant temperature in the children's room encourage the little ones to fall asleep quickly. Newborns and small babies find the closeness of their parents soothing when sleeping. The side beds from tissi can be attached to the parents' bed by means of a strap and have an infinitely adjustable crib wall. The bottom of the bed can also be adjusted to the height of the parents' mattress. This means that the baby lies at the same height as the parents, but in its own bed. It is especially easy for breastfeeding mothers to have their babies within easy reach and night-time breastfeeding can be carried out quickly and easily. The side beds can of course be used as an independent baby bed. Older children love the independence even when sleeping. Removable bars allow them to get in and out of bed independently. So that the little ones can experience their familiar surroundings on holiday or when spending the night with grandparents, tissi offers folding beds. The folding mechanism reduces the beds to a small pack size for easier transport or storage. The practical protective cover prevents dust from accumulating when not in use.

The tissi cot has many practical details

A cot has to be soft and cosy for the little ones and functional for the parents. Castors on the bed legs make it easy to move and set up the beds in any desired place. Of course, the castors can be fixed with a brake so that the beds do not start rolling when the children move violently. The baby cot has an infinitely lowerable side panel to make it easier for parents to access the babies. By means of a patented safety system, the side wall is kept at the desired height and cannot be moved by the babies and toddlers. Thanks to the height adjustability, the lying surface can be adapted to the age of the child. Parents use a high position of the slatted frame for babies so that they do not have to bend too far towards the little ones. Toddlers are much more mobile and need a low slatted frame to avoid climbing over the bars and injuring themselves.

Cosy nest warmth in the tissi baby bed

A soft mattress that provides good support for the still soft spine of the little ones is the best prerequisite for a good night's sleep. Thanks to cross-company cooperation, tissi mattresses are low in harmful substances and breathable. This means that babies always breathe in fresh and oxygen-enriched air, because the channels in the mattress promote the rapid exchange of air. The mattress is covered with a fitted sheet to prevent infants from getting caught in the sheets by moving around intensively. The sheets can be washed in the washing machine at a high temperature. The nests from tisse, which are attached to the crib rails, provide a cosy environment. So the little ones can't bump into the bars during their sleep movements and have a soft protective cover around them.

Sustainable products are robust and hard-wearing

Every baby and children's bed from tissi is made from natural, solid beech wood that is produced sustainably and without the use of pesticides or chemical substances. For cleaning, wiping the cot parts with a damp cloth is sufficient. The fabric parts are made of natural organic cotton and can be cleaned in the washing machine.