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tissi Play

A playpen helps parents and babies Life with a baby can be exhausting and sometimes parents wish they had more than just two arms and hands. To avoid having to do housework or use the shower together with the baby on your arm, playpens are a practical help. Parents can put their baby down in the playpen from tissi with peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that their little darling is protected. The many advantages of the tissi playpens make them an indispensable piece of equipment for families with small babies.

A playpen is a protected surface for babies

There are many situations in which parents cannot pay enough attention to their baby. Daily hygiene, cooking hot meals, vacuuming or ironing chores are easier to do if the baby does not have to be held in your arms. Up to the age of about three months, a pram, cot or bassinet is a good way to keep your baby safe. After that, the playpen is the protected surface where babies can move freely without hurting themselves. The tissi playpens are made of high-quality beech wood and have a strong, height-adjustable base. The soft mattress and the additionally available playpen insert turn the area into a cosy oasis of well-being. For the little ones to feel comfortable, they need to be close to their parents. The tisse playpens are mobile thanks to the castors and can be moved wherever the parents are. This means that the little ones are close by and the parents still have their hands free. Of course, the castors can be fixed in place.

Babies learn and play in the playpen

The playpens from tissi can be used for many months thanks to their height adjustability. While the little ones use the spacious area for sleeping for their first attempts at turning, toddlers have enough space for their toys and learn to occupy themselves independently. The robust wooden bars are ideal when the little ones are making their first attempts at standing and walking. The little ones quickly learn to pull themselves up on the sticks and to put weight on their feet. It only takes a few days from the first attempt to pull themselves up to the tentative steps on the other side of the bars. When the toddlers show a stronger urge to move and want to discover the world even more, then the playpen can be used for nap time. The familiar surroundings and favourite toys make it easier for the little ones to relax and ensure that they soon fall asleep. Thanks to the soft mattress, the tissi playpens can be used as a bed for the little ones during sleepovers with grandma and grandpa. After sleeping, the cots take up very little space thanks to the folding mechanism and can be stored away easily.

Easy-care and child-safe materials

The German company tissi has placed great emphasis on sustainability and children's well-being when it comes to the materials. The bars of the playpen are made of high-quality, solid beech wood, the mattress has a core of soft foam and a skin-friendly cover made of cotton and lyocell. The inserts are made of pure cotton with a polyester filling. Thanks to the tie straps, the inserts are fixed to the crib rails to provide a cosy atmosphere for little babies. All fabric parts can be cleaned in the washing machine at a low temperature. The bars are simply wiped with a damp cloth.