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Tissi supports interactive learning

Children start learning from birth. If in the first year everything revolves around basic skills such as walking, crawling and pronouncing the first words, interactive communication comes to the fore in toddlerhood. This is a learning process that accompanies them for several years and is especially driven by social interaction with you as a parent. With the learning tower, Tissi has made a tool that promotes precisely these points and actively integrates your child into yours.

The benefits in everyday lifeWith

the learning tower from Tissi, your child is there to help you. Toddlers enjoy assisting in the kitchen and feeling like adults. Baking biscuits, washing fruit and vegetables - always being there at eye level, your child learns a lot from you. Due to its light weight, you can place it in the bathroom if necessary. Now your offspring can brush their teeth, wash their face and hands themselves. The learning tower is adjustable and has three different levels to choose from. With the height adjustment, the discovery tower fits on every shelf, table and tray, no matter where you want to use it. In this way, it can be optimally adapted to the size of your child in just a few steps. Despite maximum freedom of movement, the learning tower offers a secure stand and is tip-proof on all sides. Growing with your child from the age of 1 to 6 years, it is an ideal companion that can be used in many different ways. In simple colour nuances, it is a timeless piece of furniture that also adapts to any interior. Made of solid beech wood, it guarantees durability.

Helpful accessoriesTo

maximise safety, the learning tower can be extended with an anti-slip mat. This allows your child to climb the discovery tower safely and provides additional grip. Once the learning tower is fully used and your child is older, the matching writing and painting board is an ideal activity tool. Your child can use the learning tower for other purposes and the useful life is extended by several years in a playful way. With coloured or white chalk, there is no limit to your child's imagination. Not only the big ones, but also the little ones have fun scribbling on the painting board with chalk. While you do your daily chores at home, your little one is with you and can live out his or her painting skills. Easy to wash off, the painting surface offers a renewed basis for new creations again and again.

Conviction through qualityWith

a product weight of 9 kg, the learning tower is easy to move and transport within your own four walls. So you can easily take it from room to room and use it exactly where your child needs it. The maximum load capacity is shown as 250 kg, which illustrates the stability. Tilt-proof on all sides, you don't need to worry about falling accidents. Through years of development, Tissi meets and exceeds the highest safety standards. Tissi cares about the environment and the issue of sustainability is a high priority. Therefore, the manufacturer has already implemented some changes. The learning tower is made of solid beech wood, which is supplied from Europe. Short supply chains ultimately benefit sustainability.