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The Tissi high chair as a perennial companion

As soon as your child eats at the dining table, he or she automatically takes a more active part in family life and daily rituals. To ensure that eating together does not become a danger zone, Tissi has a practical high chair and suitable additional products for the appropriate child's age.

Tissi high chair - adaptable and growing

You can use the Tissi high chair from six months. Made of solid beech wood, it is particularly sturdy and you benefit from its durability. Tissi markets the product as growing with your child. This means that it will accompany your child from birth to old age. With a product weight of 6 kg, you can also move the high chair effortlessly at will. It has a maximum load capacity of 85 kg and can also withstand the weight of an adult. The seat and footrest can be adjusted in just a few steps, making the high chair an ergonomic seating option. If you would like your baby to sit at the table from birth, you can fit the newborn attachment to the chair. This can be adjusted in the inclination. This allows you to introduce complementary food in an optimal position at the age of four months. If your child can sit independently and hold its head upright, you can put away the newborn attachment and place it in the chair. For this situation, Tissi has the supportive additions. The breast bar and the little table in matching colour increase safety and give your child support when sitting and eating. On its own table, it can put down its plate and drink and actively participate in meals. For maximum comfort, there is a seat cushion with child-friendly motifs. Thanks to the S-shape, the high chair is guaranteed to fit at any dining table. The practical thing about the high chair is that you can adjust it according to the age and needs of your child. The individual elements are gradually removed and this sole seating option accompanies your child for many years to come. If your child is already sitting securely at the table and can get on and off by himself, you can safely leave out the breast bar and the little table. From this moment on, your child can eat at the table and from the table like an adult.

What speaks for the high chair and the Tissi brand?

What sets it apart from other products is its flexibility, which makes it so changeable and comfortable. The manufacturer's products are designed so that you can clean them with a damp cloth if they get dirty. If the stains are stubborn, the brand recommends using a mild detergent so as not to damage the materials. The seat cushion of the high chair is water-repellent. So no dirt can stick to it. Should your child spill coarser amounts, you can easily wash the cover at 30 degrees in the washing machine. As soon as your child starts to move more actively, the risk of accidents also increases. With the Tissi high chair's resistance to tipping to all sides, you don't have to worry about falls. The safety of your child is particularly close to Tissi's heart. The company does not use any harmful substances and is pleased to have received the "very good" award from ÖKO-Test as the only company in its category. With this seat, your child has a permanent place at the dining table from birth.