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TFK Sports pushchair

Maintain an active lifestyle with the TFK Sports pushchairs

Sporty parents can continue to do their favourite leisure activities with the TFK sports pushchairs. Do you like to go inline skating around the lake in summer or are you planning extended bike tours? Take your child with you. Time together creates memories. Let your offspring share in your sporting activities and share your values.

What distinguishes a sports pushchair from a conventional pushchair?

Sports pushchairs have an extended use and are specially designed to go jogging or hiking with the child, among other things. Since such a pushchair is considered sports equipment, it has to meet additional criteria in terms of safety. For example, you must be able to quickly apply the brake in an emergency or on a steep incline. All models in the sports pram collection are TÜV-approved and have undergone all tests. As far as safety during sporting activities is concerned, you get absolute assurance and first-class quality with TFK absolute assurance and first-class quality. The models have been tested and approved for sporting use. To ensure that you are safe and can be seen on winter evenings at early dusk, the sports pushchairs are equipped with reflective bands. The pneumatic tyres increase the ride comfort for you and your child and have unbeatable suspension, which means you can travel on any terrain without hesitation. You can master uneven terrain effortlessly and your child will not be woken up by any jolts, as the gentle ride is soothing and may even allow you to take a nap. With the baby bath, which is available as an option, you can get back to sporting activities from birth.

Which sports pushchair should I choose?

All models pursue the same benefit - that you can live out your sporting enthusiasm together with your child. The manufacturer has various sports pushchairs in its range that cover different needs. If you are primarily focused on bicycle tours, the TFK velo2 bicycle trailer is an ideal choice. Even parents of twins don't have to do without anything with the TFK Duo2 do not have to do without anything. Siblings who both need a pushchair can ride side by side or in opposite directions. The TFK sport is particularly popular with tall parents. The adjustable push bar height makes jogging or inline skating comfortable and ergonomic for them too. The classic of the product range is the TFK mono. A simple model that you can use for jogging or walking. All pushchairs are foldable so that you can extend your outings to other places and always have your sports equipment with you. The sports pushchairs from TFK are also of useful use away from sporting activities. The all-rounders have enough space in the attached baskets for the most important purchases. Other practical storage compartments offer stowage options for the most necessary utensils on the go. With an additional rain cover, your child is well protected in any weather and the sun canopy protects your offspring with UV protection 50+. If you spend a lot of time in nature, you may also care about the environment and sustainability. As one of the largest manufacturers in Europe, environmental protection is also a major concern for TFK a great concern. They have been offsetting their annual CO2 emissions with PrimaKlima for over 10 years. All materials used are tested for plasticisers, heavy metals, dyes and chemicals of concern, among other things. With the brand's products, you know with confidence that your child is being cared for by first-class tested materials.