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TFK Combined pram

TFK Prams for sporty parents

The German company TFK wants to support the lifestyle of sporty parents with its range of combination prams. The combi prams grow with the babies and can be used from birth to around six years of age. This is made possible by the carrycot, sports seat and swivelling handlebar included in the scope of delivery. So that the soft bones and muscles of newborn babies have the best possible support, they are transported lying down in the baby bath. Babies who are already able to sit independently feel comfortable in the sport seat facing their parents, while toddlers discover the world when they are transported facing the direction of travel. Whether it's a newborn, an infant, a toddler or a parent: everyone benefits from the good quality and the well thought-out details of the TFK combi pushchairs.

Practical features of the combi pushchairs

TFK wants to set trends with its prams and provide a quiet driving experience. Therefore, a robust aluminium frame ensures versatile use and a long service life. The removable tyres are air-filled, have a ball bearing and bolted spoke rims. The rear axles are separately sprung to enable riding over uneven terrain. Shocks are not transmitted to the pushchair, or only to a very limited extent. Disc brakes are fitted to each model so that the pram does not go too fast on sloping paths or can stand well secured on a platform. Despite the good running characteristics of the wheels, the combi pushchairs are very manoeuvrable and flexible in everyday use, so that they can also be used well in the city. The large shopping net holds the children's shopping or toys.

Maximum comfort for the little ones

To ensure that babies and toddlers feel comfortable in their prams, the seat must be soft and breathable. This allows good air circulation and the little ones do not sweat. All seat covers used are free of harmful substances, meet all EN standards and are regularly checked by independent inspection bodies. If the seats get dirty, they can be removed and cleaned with warm soapy water. The backrest of the prams is infinitely adjustable so that even toddlers who no longer need a baby bath can take a little nap during a ride. The footrest can be extended so that older children can also sit comfortably in the pram. An integrated harness system and a safety bar guarantee that the little ones cannot fall out of the pram. To prevent glaring sunlight from reaching the babies' sensitive skin, every combination pram from TFK has a retractable sun canopy with a high sun protection factor. The combination prams can also be used as twin prams or as sibling prams for two children of the same or different ages.

Practical accessories for every use

TFK scores with the prams with a variety of accessories and accessories that make life with the little ones easier. Footmuffs, lambskin inserts or mattress covers provide pleasant, cosy warmth in the pram. Side reflector stickers, bells and lights increase visibility in the dark or on rainy days. The hand warmers, mobile phone holder or drink holder increase the comfort for parents. To enjoy the outdoor walk in any weather, there are protective covers that are wind and water resistant. The covers adapt to the pram model and offer the little ones a lot of free space and, thanks to the transparent material, a clear view of the surroundings.