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TFK Car seat

Safe riding with the car seat from TFK

The manufacturer TFK is known for its sporty prams and strives to constantly expand its range. The product range is complete with the car seat, so that you can rely on the quality of TFK and can rely on its 20 years of experience in the baby and toddler sector.

What makes the car seat from TFK so special?

With a product weight of only 2.5 kg, the Pixel car seat is the lightest of its kind on the market. Especially in the weeks after giving birth, new mothers are glad to have as little weight as possible, as the ligaments and muscles first have to strengthen again after pregnancy. A lightweight baby car seat comes in handy and makes transport easier by putting less strain on the spine. If you are travelling by car and do not want to carry the whole pram, you can put the baby car seat on in one click. Your baby can continue to sleep undisturbed and you can continue your daily schedule comfortably and save time at the same time. Suitable for all prams from TFK you can quickly switch from car ride to stroller mode. Stiftung Warentest and the ADAC have both awarded the car seat a rating of good. In accordance with the highest safety standards, you can trust the manufacturer. TFK trust. High-quality materials are used for the production, which are also environmentally friendly. Embedded in the padded seat insert, your baby lies comfortably in a correct position. Head, torso and pelvis are in a straight line and the posture is stabilised. The infant carrier is designed to absorb the energy generated in the event of a collision and minimise the likelihood of injury. This is made possible by the Dynamic Stress Shield technology. A baby car seat that accompanies your child from birth up to a weight of 13 kg and guarantees a safe ride. The sun canopy and cosy head cushion ensure maximum comfort for your little one.

Correct installation

You can install the Pixel by Avionaut can be installed in two ways: Via the conventional way, with the harness or with the Isofix. If your car has an Isofix recess, you can attach the car seat using the Isofix base. This is adapted to the car seat from TFK car seat and enables an absolutely safe installation. An audible and visual signal as a guide gives you peace of mind that you have installed the Isofix base correctly. Firmly attached to your car, this is an installation option with added protection. However, you may also own a car that does not have Isofix or you may not want to install a base station in your second car. Then you simply attach the car seat using the 3-point belt system. If you use the belt correctly, this fastening method is just as safe, because your child is optimally protected in the car seat of TFK is optimally protected.

Safety first

In addition to correct installation, the safety aspect should not be neglected. And this is exactly where the manufacturer comes in. TFK extends its test criteria, extensively tests its own brand products and exceeds all safety requirements. Harmful substances are a no-go for your child and permanently damage the reputation of a manufacturer of baby and children's products. All TFK-products are tested for all heavy metals. Plastic parts, as well as fabrics, are additionally tested for plasticisers and hydrocarbons in accordance with the specifications.