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TFK Accessories

The TFK accessories support sporty families with babies

TFK supports sporty parents with its products when a baby is born.To take the little ones with them on their parents' activities, the products are built robustly and resiliently and convince with practical details. Especially the diverse accessories make the outings a great experience. Whether it's a walk in the woods or on the beach, a mountain tour or a jog, whether the toddler is taken along on the bike or a car ride: The TFK accessories offer comfort for the little ones and the grown-ups.

Accessories for the pram and buggy

Newborns and small babies feel very comfortable in a carrycot because the reclining position provides the best possible support for their sensitive spine. If the babies have outgrown the carrycot but sitting in the sport seat is still a little difficult, the seat reducer accessory can help. The side headrests keep the heavy head in the right position and the soft padding means that the straps of the pushchair fit perfectly. When bigger children climb into the pram, the cover with seat insert can be protected. The insert can be cleaned with warm water and ensures a comfortable seat. The classic sports seat can be exchanged for an even sportier seat unit whose surface is dirt and water repellent and therefore also suitable for cross-country running by parents. A lightweight aluminium frame, an infinitely adjustable backrest, a large sun canopy with high UV protection and an ergonomically shaped reclining and seating surface round off the sports seat unit. For better safety when travelling with the pram, there are reflector stickers on the sides, a complementary bell, but also the pump for the air-filled tyres or the lock. TFK also thinks of parents with its accessories, who can simply clip a smartphone holder or a cup holder for hot or cold drinks to the frame of the pushchair. The cup holder has two recesses so that parents and the baby can take a drinking bottle with them. At the same time, the cup holder with a small zipped pocket offers the perfect place for important utensils such as keys, small change, an ID card or the smartphone. The dedicated smartphone holder is suitable for mobile phones with a screen size between 4 and 6.5 inches and is mounted on the handlebar with the silicone loops. Parents have their hands free and can find their way via navigation on the smartphone.

Relaxing in the pram at home

After a long outing in nature, many babies are often agitated, yet tired. Falling asleep is tedious, but the Rocker accessory offers help. The skid parts are simply attached to the baby bath and the little ones can relax with the rocking and swaying movement and fall into a peaceful sleep.

Accessories from TFK for the bike

The youngest children should accompany their parents on their bike rides. The baby seat for bicycles can be used from birth and has extra padding in the head area and safety belts. If a bicycle trailer is used instead of a classic child bike seat, the little ones will enjoy a comfort seat with an integrated headrest and optimised side protection. This means that babies and toddlers sit properly and comfortably in their seats, even if they take a nap during the bike ride. The trailer is easily attached to any bike with a bike hitch. Seat belts with integrated head restraints are practical accessories from TFK for the first bike trip. The rain cover, available as an accessory, provides protection from the rain.