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The search for the right pram is not always easy after the birth of a child. When it comes to prams, safety and binding aspects are particularly important. Especially with regard to the child's back, there should be very good padding and ideal seatingpositions. The pram STOKKE Xplory is primarily oriented towards these needs of a newborn.

It can also be combined with the STOKKE infant carrier, which is ideally compatible with the STOKKE pushchair.
Child-friendly seatposition in 5 +1 variants
The STOKKE Xplory pushchair adapts perfectly to the needs of the still tender baby's back. Neither the neck muscles nor the reflexes of a newborn are fully developed and require safe and child-friendly transport. The clever inventors of STOKKE Xplory have taken up this challenge and successfully put it into practice.

The pram STOKKE Xplory offers seatpositions in 5 + 1 variants. Three of these positions are facing the parents. A flexibility that is very important for parents and the baby.

Babies need to be able to sit properly in a pram so that they do not develop back problems later on, which would then have to be corrected by an orthopaedist. The correct and comfortable seatposition in the soft upholstery in the STOKKE Xplory pushchair meets these health needs.
Protection in wind and weather
The multifunctional generous sun canopy offers protection from the blinding sun on the one hand and protection from the wind on the other. If the sun canopy is not needed due to weather conditions, parents can fold it in quickly and easily. The canopy with mesh fabric is water-repellent and thus offers additional protection in rainy weather.

Continuous air circulation prevents the accumulation of moisture inside.
Practical to use
The STOKKE Xplory pushchair can be combined with the STOKKE infant carrier. The pram has won several awards and is available in different colours. The ability to combine both transport systems makes everyday activities as well as holidays a unique stress-free experience.

The needs of parents and child change over time. In this respect, a pushchair must be flexibly adaptable. This is especially true for the adaptability of the product with a growing child.

The pram STOKKE Xplory meets the desired and varying needs of the family. The seat has comfortably adjustable footrests. The higher the child sits, the closer the child is to the mother. The pram itself is also adjustable in height. The adjustability of the pram STOKKE Xplory does not compromise stability or safety.

The STOKKE Xplory pram is also practical because it is easy to take the child to restaurants or cafés. The pushchair is easy to place at or in front of any table. The correct seat depth for babies is ensured by a comfortable adjustment option.

The sporty front wheels of the STOKKE Xplory pushchair make it extremely easy to manoeuvre. There is a spacious pocket in the foot area for sufficient storage space for a shopping trip or baby things that no longer fit in the nappy pocket. A crossbar between the rear wheels was deliberately omitted here. This gives the person pushing the baby more legroom.
Safety as a compact concept
STOKKE Xplory meets the required safety measures with its five-point safety harness. Here, too, the purchase of the growing STOKKE Xplory car seat, which is compatible with all common prams from STOKKE, is an option. In this way, the desired safety of the child is offered in a compact concept of the STOKKE products.