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STOKKE Tripp Trapp

The Stokke Tripp Trapp high chair revolutionised the world of children's chairs after it was launched in 1972. Stokke products stand for the relationship between parents and child. They promote the development of the bond and bring them closer together. The baby feels safe and loved in the Stokke chair and thus gets the perfect basis for its optimal development. In addition, Stokke stands for a sustainable and responsible company philosophy.

Why a high chair is important

At first glance, the importance of a high chair is clear. Children learn to sit in it and can easily be fed. But the function goes beyond feeding. Parents make their everyday life with children considerably easier if they have the option of placing their child in a high chair. They have their hands free and at the same time give their darling the chance to perceive its surroundings better and at eye level. The child gets to know the family's routine from the very beginning, is automatically integrated into the family routine and becomes more closely involved in family life.

The Stokke Tripp Trapp high chair

Parents may now be asking themselves: The baby? This is where the special feature of the Tripp Trapp comes into play. It is not for nothing that it is called the revolutionary of high chairs. It is versatile and can be used from birth. The baby grows and the high chair can be adapted to the size of the child. Seats and footrests are flexible and adjustable and support the child's physical development ergonomically until adulthood. The different models are recommended for different age groups. From 3 years to adulthood. After all, the Stokke Tripp Trapp can support a load of up to 110 kg. The Tripp Trapp model is available in many different colours, according to the design by Peter Opsivik. In addition, it is also a great help for parents in terms of cleaning. You can easily clean it from food remains or other stains. Of course, the high chair by Stokke does not contain any harmful ingredients and poses no danger to the health of children of any age. This also applies to the safety that is given with regard to its stability, as the high chair has a firm hold on the floor.

The Tripp Trapp models

The Tripp Trapp high chair models differ in terms of the sets that can be ordered with them and other accessories. In the Newborn Set, the baby can be placed comfortably and safely, in the Baby Set, children who have reached the age of complementary feeding but are not yet able to sit completely on their own sit, while a harness provides support for children who sit on their own and are already taking a more active part in family life. Matching seat cushions are also available. The chairs are available in the colours grey, white, pink, black, green, natural, blue and red and can therefore be adapted to the interior design of the home.