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The Stokke MuTable

Since 1932, Stokke has stood for high-quality seating and furniture. Stokke entered the field of children's accessories and furniture in 1972, when the legendary Tripp Trapp high chair came onto the market. Since then, the products have been developed in such a way that they promote the child's development in the long term and strengthen the bonds between the child and the parents. Stokke also knows that it is of considerable importance that children feel a sense of connection with their parents so that they feel secure and safe. The company follows this approach in all its designs.
The ingenious modular system and the award-winning design of the multifunctional Stokke MuTable ensure that users can adapt the play table to the child's developmental and physical needs. Users can adjust the play table to 4 heights so that the child can sit comfortably at each age level. With 4 double-sided and creative play discs, the Stokke MuTable encourages imaginative learning and play. The MuTable is one of the international winners of the Red Dot Design Award of the year 2019 and was honoured with the American Parents' Choice Gold Award 2019 in the toy category.

The features of the St

okke MuTable
The Stokke MuTable is a multifunctional play table with 4 double-sided and creative play discs that promote imaginative play and learning. Each disc offers different games and activities on both sides. The discs are simply exchanged when the child has reached the next stage of development - so the child never gets bored. The play discs also stimulate the child's imagination - by playing with building blocks, drawing, painting with chalk and more. They also help the child to strengthen and develop their own fine motor skills and creativity in the process.
The MuTable therefore has everything that can promote creativity. The play table is made of high-quality wood and has won awards for its versatile and modular design. The many themed worlds and play discs offer many interesting activities and serve as a puzzle and play surface, train station and Lego board. Parents can easily adapt the MuTable to their growing child!
The flexible MuTable is the durable and design-oriented alternative to the normal play table for children. This will accompany the whole family for several years!

The structure of the Stokke MuTable

The Stokke MuTable Essential Kit includes 4 leg extension sets and 7 games, a chair and a toy bag. Parents use it to put together the kit for their child - with the patterns and colours they like. The mix & match ensures a specific look.
The multifunctional play table MUTABLE by Stokke is available in different colours. The successful design as well as the clever modular system of this multifunctional table Stokke MuTable ensure that the users can adapt this play table to the developmental and physical needs of the growing child. For example, this play table can be adjusted to a total of 4 heights so that the child can sit comfortably at it at different ages. With the double-sided play discs, the Stokke MuTable can encourage imaginative learning and play.