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The Stokke ® Limas brand and collection of high quality baby carriers

The "R" in the circle behind Stokke is a designation that this brand is registered with the US Trademark Office (USPTO). By using the "R", Stokke Limas is granted full trademark protection. In the German sector, the symbol is also a sign that the trademark is registered. IM November 2021 the sale of Limas GmbH to Stokke AS was announced. Limas is a family business and is based in Frankfurt am Main. Slings, baby carriers, carrying jackets and also the back carrier are produced here. Since its foundation in 2015, Limas has first developed from a start-up to the market. Everything at Stokke Limas is handmade and the individual needs of child and parents are taken into account when buying a baby carrier. These baby carriers are recommended by babywearing schools, midwives and babywearing consultants because they provide optimal support for the baby's spine. Stokke Limas also attaches great importance to sustainability. Only organically grown cotton is used in production. If you buy from Stokke Limas, you can take advantage of an online baby carrier consultation. The baby carrier can be ordered online at or bought locally at more than 300 retailers in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

Safe, ergonomic and stylish baby carriers

When you buy from Stokke Limas, you choose the ergonomic, stylish and at the same time safe baby carrier. Everything is made of soft cotton and has the optimal support and comfort for the wearer and the baby. For example, the Half Buckle baby carrier is optimal for comfort and support from birth. The advantages of a sling and a carrier are combined here. Even newborns from 3.2 kg can be carried well here. This sling carrier offers a lot of freedom of movement and optimal safety. It grows with the child and the adjustable bar on the back allows everything to be adapted to the growing child. With this model, it is possible for the child to be carried in the optimal sit-to-spread position from birth up to a weight of 15 kg. The hip carry, back carry and tummy carry options ensure optimal flexibility. The shoulder straps can be fanned out and are made of a two-layer sling fabric. This distributes the weight evenly. There is also a pocket between the shoulder straps that can be fitted with pads. This offers even more carrying comfort. The baby carrier is also easy to handle, like all Stokke Limas models. You simply close the buckle of the hip belt and then put on the shoulder belt, pull it tight and fix it with a double knot.

Back carriers for older babies

But the back carrier is also popular in the collection. This is used for babies over one month old and weighing at least 4 kg. Depending on the model, the back carrier can be used for loads up to 18 kg. It can be carried facing backwards (front carrier), back carrier or hip carrier. The closure is a hip belt with buckle and the shoulder straps can be tied. The weight of this back carrier is 800 g. The width of the bar is continuously adjustable from 24 to 45 cm and the back height from 30 to 41 cm. The headrest has side drawstrings, the hip belt is adjustable from 60 to 140 cm and the shoulder pads are removable. Another plus is that the models are made of a cotton/linen mix and are machine washable.