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Stokke JetKids - The premium ride-on suitcase for kids.
A holiday together with the children is something wonderful. However, long haul flights and waiting times at the airport can quickly become exhausting for children and parents. The children's suitcases from Stokke provide a remedy and ensure plenty of fun and exclusive comfort on the plane.

First-class travel experience with Stokke JetKids
Stokke is a market-leading manufacturer of children's products based in Norway. Part of the extensive product portfolio are the Stokke JetKids children's ride-on suitcases with practical features. This is a rolling suitcase with a seat function and leg rest specially developed for aviation. In five steps,
the robust children's trolley can be converted into a bed and guarantees a comfortable travel experience on the plane. The suitcases are made of durable polyurethane (PU) and have water-repellent and hard-wearing properties. There are swivelling front wheels at the front, which ensure high manoeuvrability. In aeroplanes, the children's suitcase is a permissible hand luggage, which can be used as a comfortable seat and pleasant sleeping device at the same time. In addition to the functional refinements and the large storage space, the products convince with different designs and colour combinations.

How do the ride-on suitcases from Stokke differ?
The Stokke company offers the JetKids RideBox and the JetKids Bedbox in its range. Visually and functionally, both suitcases are the same with the difference that the RideBox is not equipped with a sleeping kit. With the BedBox, the sleeping kit is included in the scope of delivery for an extra charge of around 40 €. This consists of an extendable plate that is located inside the lid. The plate can be used as a table or as a leg rest for sleeping. In addition, the set includes a mattress and the corresponding fastening material to fix the plate in the lid. The Sleeping Kit is compatible with the RideBox and can be retrofitted as an accessory.

What special features does Stokke JetKids offer?
The ride-on suitcases from Stokke are suitable for children aged two to seven. The suitcase has a total capacity of 20 litres and offers plenty of space for drinks, snacks and toys. The opening at the top prevents luggage from falling out even if the suitcase tips over. Inside, there are two adjustment rods that allow the leg rest to be adjusted to the height of the seat cushion. The mattress supplied has two Velcro strips to which a side cushion can be attached for additional comfort. Particularly practical for parents and child are the devices attached to the front for attaching a pull strap. On spacious station and airport areas, tired children can simply be pulled by their parents and have a lot of fun doing so. With the help of the durable smooth-running wheels, the Stokke JetKids can be pulled over long distances with no effort, including the child and luggage. In addition, the suitcase weighs only 3.3 kg. For additional fun, stickers are included in the scope of delivery so that each child can decorate the suitcase individually. If the capacity of the ride-on suitcase is not sufficient, Stokke offers a travel bundle including a backpack with expandable volume.

The children's suitcase from Stokke is a practical hand luggage with multifunctional usability. The suitcase is ideal for train journeys as well as short and long-distance flights and enjoys a high level of acceptance with numerous airlines. The manufacturer attaches great importance to the use of high-quality materials, which guarantees durability and robustness.