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When it comes to the child's safety, undisturbed sleep and healthy posture during transport, parents can quickly become overwhelmed. Finding a carrying and transport system that fulfils all three components at the same time doesn't seem easy. The STOKKE iZi Go car seat guarantees parents and child a stress-free time.

The problematic moment when the child switches from the car seat to the pram and is thus disturbed in its sleep no longer exists with the STOKKE iZi Go car seat. Thanks to the clever and practical invention of a pram adapter integrated into the child seat for all STOKKE prams, switching between car and pram is effortless and quick as a flash.


The STOKKE iZi Go car seat has two height-adjustable safety harnesses that are easy, quick and uncomplicated to put on the child. The five-point safety harness means that no mistakes can be made as a result of improper handling. The headrest can also be adjusted with a flick of the wrist to perfectly fit the positioning of the child's head.


The ergonomic carrying handle of the STOKKE iZi Go car seat makes it comfortable and easy to carry. The ergonomics extend to the entire components of the car seat for easy and quick handling. At the same time, the child can assume a back-protecting position in a comfortable manner during transport.

The seat shell itself is of high quality and stable. In the event of a side collision, the safe housing absorbs the resulting forces through the protective padding while distributing the forces over the child's body.

The STOKKE iZi Go car seat is ECE R 44-04 verified and approved. Children from 0 - 13 kg can sit comfortably in the car seat. It is also compatible with the Isofix system for added safety. In the combined use of car seat and Isofix system, the car seat does not wobble back and forth when driving in curves and guarantees even more safety.


For optimal comfort of the child, there are two inserts for newborns that are removable. When the baby reaches the age of four months, the first insert can be removed and when the baby reaches the age of six months, the second seat insert is removed.

The extra-large integrated sun canopy protects the child's delicate skin from direct sunlight and ensures that the child is not unpleasantly blinded.

Magnetic shoulder pads make it easier for parents to place the baby in the shell position. At the same time, the padding serves as additional protection.

The STOKKE iZi Go car seat does not weigh much. Its light weight makes the car seat comfortable to carry. This also has health benefits for the person carrying it.


When transporting the car seat, dirt can collect and solidify in certain places. To ensure that the outer shell is not damaged by regular and intensive use, constant care of the product is necessary.

First remove the coarse dirt, then clean the fixed components such as the belt and car shell with a mild soap solution.

The textiles of the car seat must be washed separately. The respective components are machine-washable up to 40° C / 104° F. The soft top, on the other hand, can be wiped with a damp cloth.