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Puck towels

Why swaddle?

Swaddling babies is a custom as old as it is effective. Wrapping your baby in a puck sling restricts its movement and ensures better sleep. Puck sling and puck sacks create peace and security and warm your child on cold winter nights. Especially for restless babies who were born with KaiserEspecially for restless babies who were born with a small baby weight, swaddling helps to calm them down and alleviates the Moro reflex.

What do I have to watch out for?

Experts have found that Swaddling accustoms your baby to a healthy sleep in the supine position. Children are swaddled when they are two to three months old. Only swaddle your baby for sleeping and until he or she can turn from back to stomach on his or her own. If you are careful not to wrap your baby too tightly and pay attention to its body signals, nothing can go wrong. In any case, choose the right size and, if necessary, make sure it is breathable and machine-washable.

Blankets and pouches

Puck blankets are characterised by their versatile use as swaddling blankets, spit-up blankets and cuddly blankets. When your baby likes his blanket, swaddling becomes child's play. In addition, you will find pucksacks in the range that are also suitable as sleeping bags and impress with their uncomplicated usability. Whether with zip or Velcro fastening, it's the same principle: open, close and done. Whether at home or on long car journeys, your baby stays well packed. Some pouches also have a practical opening through which you can easily change nappies.

No wish remains unfulfilled here!

In addition to their first-class quality, the puck blankets made of bamboo fibres are also produced in an environmentally friendly way. The hybrid among the baby blankets from Snugglebundl serves as a sling for baby carriers and children's car seats and is also ready for use at any time for breastfeeding, as a puck sling or as a play and cuddle blanket.

If your motto is "Only the best for my child", you will love the wrap sling from Red Castle made of high quality jersey fabric.

You will find a similar variety among the pucksacks. If cosiness is your main concern, the Träumeland-sleeping bag Airdie is the first choice. The Sleep Evolutive 3-in-1 Pucksack is a real all-rounder thanks to its sleeve openings and its width at the hips: it is a pucksack, baby carrier and romper bag all in one. Snoozy from Lulando fixes arms and legs and soothes the Moro reflex and colic.

Whether your baby prefers it colourful or plain: in the shop you will find everything from soothing designs to colourful motifs. Search and find the right one for your offspring and you will see: Your baby has never slept so well.