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Bed roll

What is a bed roll?

A bed roll for babies is a long tubular pillow that can be of different lengths and made of polyester or cotton. The top covers or entire bed rolls can be washed at 40 degrees in the washing machine and thus guarantee hygienic use. Products with Oeko Tex 100 certification are ideal for babies and toddlers and are proven to be free of harmful substances.

Due to the elongated design, bed rolls are also known as bed snakes.

The main purpose of bed snakes for babies and toddlers is to stabilise and support the baby in various lying positions.posand support the baby in various positions. It also protects against bumps, e.g. on the baby's bed. In many cases, a bed snake is therefore also used as a border for the baby's cot or nest. However, be sure to use the bed roll only when the infant is able to remove it from the face and body on its own or to pull itself out from under it. Otherwise, the bed roll can be dangerous if left unattended.

Bed rolls are also an excellent alternative to a nursing pillow.

How long should a bedroll be?

Bed rolls are available in different lengths so that you can choose according to your needs and purpose. Standard bed rolls are between 1.50m and 3.00m long.

If you want to use the bed snake as a border and bumper for the baby's cot, you should measure the length you need beforehand.

To use the bed snake as a stabiliser for your baby, 1.40m - 2.00m is usually sufficient.

Who is a bedroll suitable for?

Bedrolls are already suitable for babies, depending on their use. As a safe surround, bed rolls offer a feeling of comfort and security. During sleep, the bed snake can support the sleepingposition or serve as a border on the sofa. However, especially during babyhood, the baby should not be left unattended.

From the age of 1, the toddler is at an age when it can usually pull itself out from under the bedroll, so that the bed snake can also be used as a border in bed from this time onwards. As soon as your child is older, the bed roll will certainly also be used as a great toy.