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Zewi blanket

The Zewi-blanket for more safety and comfort during sleep

Are you worried that your baby will kick free during the night or suffer from respiratory distress under the normal blanket? Do you toss and turn during the night and wake up cold? The blanket from the Swiss company Zewi bébé-Jou could help you. Security included with Zewi.

What is a Zewi blanket?

It is a combination of a sleeping bag and a fitted sheet - a Zewi sleeping bag. The blanket is stretched over the four corners of the mattress, over which there is already a sheet or fitted sheet. Two straps with buckles incorporated into the sides serve to secure the Zewi on the slatted frame on the cot.

The child or adult then slips their legs into the opening in the middle part of this blanket and puts their arms through the holes provided in the vest-like insert. With the Zewi the inserted waistcoat is size-adjustable by means of the press studs in the front part. It is closed by a zipper in the front.

In the special version of the blanket with gilet, the waistcoat is of even higher quality, so that the zipper is concealed on the side.

What is special about sleeping in the Zewi blanket?

The advantages of the blanket and the integrated waistcoat, which are attached to the mattress, include the following:

    • You or your child are covered throughout, aiming for sleep without hypothermia or waking up prematurely.
    • The blanket cannot be pulled over the head and cause shortness of breath.
    • The blanket keeps the child or the person lying under it in the middle of the bed. This prevents the child from falling out of bed, bumping into the wall, bed edges or bars. Without any bed protection at all.
    • Despite this light fixation, sufficient freedom of movement is guaranteed, as is sleeping on the side or stomach.
    • This Zewi This sleeping bag is of high quality, adjustable in size, free of harmful substances, washable at 60 degrees and made of one hundred percent cotton. A perfect material for your baby. It is also transportable.
    • Since the built-in waistcoat is sleeveless and size-adjustable, the baby or the person under the blanket can be provided with adapted nightwear depending on the temperature. In summer, a T-shirt is ideal, in winter a romper suit for the baby.

Who is the Zewiblanket suitable for?

This patented blanket is used from babyhood to old age. It is available in different colours, patterns and also sizes from 60 x 100 to 160 x 200, so it fits in baby and adult beds.

The prices in CHF vary depending on the size from about CHF 100.00 to CHF 400.00. The blankets with gilet are usually about CHF 20.00 to CHF 80.00 more expensive than the classic sleeping blankets due to their more complex production.

In addition to Zewiblankets, you can also discover many other accessories for sleeping. Whether it's a sleeping bag, pillow or perhaps a suitable sleeping aid. All this and more is offered by 4mybaby.ch.