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Summer sleeping bag

Comfortable Baby Summer Sleeping Bag - Perfect for Sleeping

Even in summer, parents should make sure that babies can sleep well, because in the warm season, duvets and cuddly blankets become too warm. Baby sleeping bags for summer are perfect because the sleeping bag balances out the temperatures while sleeping and ensures that the baby does not freeze.

The material of the summer sleeping bag is made of jersey cotton, which promotes a cooling climate in the sleeping bag and thus ensures a pleasant night's sleep. Different colours, patterns and sizes ensure that the sleeping bags for babies are offered in a large selection. Easy care should always be guaranteed, fabric softener should not be used.

Compared to a baby blanket, asummer sleeping bag for thebaby has the advantage that it cannot slip and that it stays nice and warm even when the baby turns and moves. A year-round sleeping bag for the baby is ideal to prevent the baby from overheating when sleeping in the summer months.

Choosing the right size for your baby's sleeping bag

Different sizes from 70 to 110 centimetres offer the possibility to perfectly accommodate the growing baby in the sleeping bag. The optimal size for the sleeping bag can be calculated very easily, ten to 15 centimetres are added to the baby's height. This makes the sleeping bag perfect for feeling good and sleeping, because in addition to the necessary warmth for sleeping, the sleeping bag also offers enough freedom of movement.

Blue, pink, beige, patterned or decorated with childlike motifs, so the sleeping bag can be chosen individually. The sleeping bags fit tightly around the arms and neck so that the baby's head cannot slip into the sleeping bag. The sleeping bags can be closed at the back with zips or Velcro fasteners, and a protector over this prevents injuries to the baby.

The size chart can be used to find the right size for the baby summer sleeping bag.

Sleeping aids for your baby

Besides a baby summer sleeping bag, other accessories can help to give your baby a restful night's sleep. Especially in summer ,insect nets are useful to protect your baby from mosquito bites . Sleepingaids, such as anight light, have a calming effect on the child and take away the fear of the dark . This creates the best conditions for a restful night for you and your baby.