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How to find the perfect sleeping bag for your baby

While you are waiting for your baby, you are probably already asking yourself dozens of questions about everyday life with your newborn. There are many things that can be prepared before the birth or you can find out in advance. This will also increase your anticipation of your happiness. The right baby sleeping bag makes everyday life easier and more relaxed for both your baby and you. That's why you'll find everything worth knowing and important about the topic of baby sleeping bags here - for reassured parents and sweet dreams all year round.

Equipped for every season with the right sleeping bag

For adults, a distinction is often made between summer and winter blankets for the bed. For your baby, too, it is sensible and important to choose a baby sleeping bag that matches the season and especially the temperature conditions. To ensure that your baby does not get too warm, a summer sleeping bag made of cotton is recommended for warmer temperatures. For the cold season, a lined winter sleeping bag with removable sleeves. This way it can also be used in the transitional seasons without accumulating too much heat.

How to dress your baby properly for the night

This question can be answered by paying attention to the outside temperatures as well as your baby's personal preferences. The optimal indoor temperature for baby's sleeping place is 17 degrees Celsius. Your child should neither sweat nor freeze. The feet should always be warm. The neck should not feel sweaty, otherwise the baby is wrapped up too warm. The right temperature for sleeping at night effectively helps to prevent sudden infant death syndrome. The best way is to use rompers with buttons on the legs. This way, the feet are always nice and warm and nightly diapering is made easier. In high summer, a light cotton bodysuit is often sufficient. In addition, the sleeves can be long or short and the sleeves on the baby sleeping bag can be removed. It is also best to check regularly how warm your baby is and pay attention to whether he or she is sleeping well or restlessly.

Why is it so important to have a sleeping bag?

A sleeping bag for your baby is the safe alternative to a duvet for at least the first year of life. Especially if your baby cannot yet turn himself or make coordinated arm and hand movements, it is essential to prevent a blanket from getting on his face or over his nose. If this should happen, there is an acute danger of suffocation - you can prevent this danger easily and effectively with a sleeping bag. Closing it at the shoulders and around the legs of your baby ensures that the sleeping bag does not slip or parts of it lie over the head, even when your baby becomes more mobile and moves around during sleep. So you can sleep peacefully by yourself and your baby is warm and cosy in its sleeping bag. Even for their toddler, many families continue to love the sleeping bag and keep this safe and comfortable option.

Sleep well with the right baby sleeping bag

The smallest size for baby sleeping bags, like clothing sizes, starts very small at size 56, which corresponds to a size up to about three months. After that, the sizes are graduated at 70, 90 and 110 centimetres. This means that they range from baby age to sizes for small children. This refers to the length of the sleeping bag from the shoulder seam to the foot end. You should always allow a few centimetres of legroom for the right size for your baby, so that the freedom of movement is not completely restricted, but the sleeping bag still remains secure.

These features make a sleeping bag perfect for newborns

Newborns are not yet mobile and want to be dressed carefully. For this reason, it is best to choose a model with detachable sleeves as a first sleeping bag. This is achieved by means of press studs or zips. This way you can quickly provide more warmth or more cooling without having to change your baby and wake him up. The closure from one side, over the foot end to the other side should be continuous. This means that the sleeping bag should open completely and the front part should fold over. This ensures that putting on and taking off the sleeping bag remains relaxed and that you can quickly prepare your baby for the night. Changing nappies at night can also be done quickly and, with a bit of luck, your little darling can continue to sleep undisturbed. In this way, the right sleeping bag also helps you as parents to be relaxed and well-rested for the next exciting day with your baby.

Nowadays, a sleeping bag is an indispensable part of a baby's outfit, because a sleeping bag makes kicking or tucking in a blanket a thing of the past. The baby is always covered and mum and dad no longer have to worry. Your baby can sleep more comfortably and also feels a sense of security. A sleeping bag also supports the optimal sleeping climate, facilitates the supine position and offers security.
Because of the different seasons, different sleeping bags are needed, which are equipped with different properties.
In summer, it is recommended to use a sleeping bag made of jersey. If it is really hot, thanks to today's technology there are also sleeping bags that have a specially designed membrane such as Coolmax or Tencel. These membranes have a cooling effect on your child and are therefore ideal for hot days or nights.