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Insect screen

Protect your child while sleeping with a mosquito net

With their delicate skin, children are a welcome victim for mosquitoes, which are especially active at dusk and at night. A bite not only leads to a red, itchy swelling, but can also be really dangerous. Even in our latitudes, mosquitoes can transmit serious diseases such as TBE and Lyme disease.

How can you best protect your offspring during the night?

Insect repellent sprays are available for children, but they are usually only effective for a few hours and emit an intense odour that disturbs sleep. A better choice is a mosquito net, which you should use in spring and summer and into autumn. This allows your child to sleep safely and undisturbed. It not only keeps mosquitoes out, but also flies, bugs and other insects.

What types of mosquito nets are suitable for children?

Children often move around more than adults when they sleep. They can easily get tangled in a conventional fly net that is attached to the ceiling and spread over the cot. Therefore, it is better to use one of our insect nets that have been specially developed for the needs of children.

For the baby cot, we recommend the models from Clippasafe, reer, fillikid and Babyplus. They can be easily pulled over the cot and protect your baby from annoying insects from all sides. They are available in the usual baby cot sizes, breathable and washable. As they fold compactly, you can easily take them with you on trips.

Older children from 3 years sleep safely in a cot mosquito net from DERYAN. This dome-shaped bed tent is simply slid over the mattress (90 x 200 cm) and prevents the child from falling out of bed. With its extremely close-meshed membrane, it reliably keeps insects out and looks chic to boot. With the large selection of colours, you are sure to find the right one for your child's room. You can choose between the practical pop-up model and the particularly stable "Tiener" model. Both can be easily assembled and disassembled and taken on holiday in the included packing bag.