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fall-out protection bed

Bed safety rails for children and babies

A special bed guard is an effective measure to prevent falls from the bed and thus injuries. This safety measure is important to protect the offspring from painful dangers.

At the latest when the change to a cot without bars is planned, which usually happens between the second and third year of the child's life, a suitable bed rail must also be purchased. A head guard is also a good idea and can prevent accidents.

Baby bed rails: The most important tips for buying one

Bed rails for children come in different shapes and sizes and are made of different materials. In order to be able to use the gate for as long as possible, the following aspects should be taken into account when buying:

In the trade, models are already available from a length of 105 to 125 cm. Extendable bed rails are particularly flexible in use, because they can be extended to a length of 150 cm as needed.

There are also various differences in the way they are mounted. Simple versions are inserted between the mattress and the slatted frame. Special brackets on the underside of the bed guard then guarantee a secure attachment. Other models, on the other hand, can be mounted directly on the side of the bed.

The bed safety rails are usually made of wood, plastic or metal. Many grids are also covered with fabric so that they create a cosier atmosphere. It is extremely important that the grille is made exclusively of harmless materials. If the cot rail is made of wood, the child must of course not get any splinters. Pine or beech are the two recommended types of wood. Lacquers and paints that may have been used in the manufacturing process must also be free of any harmful substances.

From a cot to a cot: How to make the switch

Often the move from a cot to a cot is a little difficult for the little ones at first. Some children feel caught off guard and don't want to sleep in the new bed at all. To make the transition quicker and easier, a bed guard should be attached to the cot to prevent falls. You should also think about a high-quality mattress, duvet and a suitable slatted frame for the new bed.

To make the move to the cot easier, you should include the child in the purchase. After all, the offspring has its own ideas and preferences. The same applies to the bed linen. Finally, of course, the favourite cuddly toys and sleep aids should not be missing in the new bed. On summer nights, an insect screen is recommended to protect the child from mosquito bites and thus ensure a restful sleep.