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molton baby crib

Molton mattresses - absorbent underlay for every bed

Mattress Molton is a guarantee for comfort and cosiness when it comes to bedding. It is a functional bed pad made of robust cotton that keeps your mattress clean and dry. The term molton comes from the French language - molle or mou - and translates as "soft" and "loose". Molton is a multi-braided fibre that is characterised by a high material density and remarkable durability. Another special feature is the rough surface structure and the PU coating. With the help of special machines and needles, the fabric is first refined so that it becomes soft and voluminous and also has a very good insulating character. This type of mattress protection is essential for the nest, the baby cradle and also for senior and nursing beds. There is a suitable mattress molleton for every body weight and size. Small and large children as well as adults of all ages can benefit from it in many ways.

Mattress Molton - the topping for your bedding

On average, an adult secretes about one and a half litres of fluid in the form of sweat during sleep. Night after night. For this reason alone, a mattress topper makes sense to protect the material of the mattress and prolong its life. Mattress molleton offers the advantage of being waterproof, breathable and particularly hygienic. Therefore, such a topper is especially ideal if you want to provide your baby with a soft base that easily absorbs moisture. A molton mattress protector is a soft protector underlay that can accompany a person from the first day of their life.

Soft, comfortable and liquid repellent - Mattress Molton

Mattress Molton is available without a flexible border or with an elastic band. The latter is particularly recommended because it makes it easy to put on. Mattress molleton with an elastic band is flexible and very easy to apply. In addition, it has a very good hold so that nothing can slip. As a result, wrinkles do not occur. Another advantage, because wrinkles in the underlay could considerably impair sleeping comfort. Thanks to the solid material, a mattress molleton can be washed in the washing machine at up to 60 degrees if necessary. The pad also dries quite quickly, so it is usually ready for use again the next day.

Mattress Molton can be used at any time and is extremely soft. Children and adults alike will love the pad. It protects the mattress from moisture penetration, such as sweat, saliva or other liquids. On top of that, it offers excellent protection against dust mites. These unpleasant pests can therefore no longer easily penetrate the mattress and soil it with their harmful excrement. Other micro-organisms or dead skin cells also have no chance of settling in the depths of the mattress, thanks to the solid design of mattress molton.

Easy to handle and impressively easy to care for

You simply place the mattress molleton between the mattress and the sheet or fitted sheet and you immediately have excellent protection against dust mites, dirt and moisture. Your baby can fall asleep gently and will feel completely comfortable on its base. Adults, allergy sufferers and senior citizens will also appreciate the pleasant lying feeling. Compared to other underlays, molton mattresses are significantly thinner and therefore have hardly any influence on the physiological lying properties of the mattress. In addition to the very good protective properties, it offers pleasant sleeping conditions and invites you to dream and enjoy.

More comfort, safety and protection - with mattress molleton

Molton fabric impresses with its excellent absorbency. Depending on the version, it is equipped with an inner layer of synthetic fibres, such as polyurethane, polypropylene or polyethylene. This ensures an even better, waterproof sealing of the surface. Look forward to a healthy, restful sleep. Even your baby or older children will feel the difference compared to a normal mattress topper. Young families are well advised to use mattresses Molton. Even in households where people with incontinence live, people have always trusted the solid mattress topper. You will enjoy it for many years to come. It pays to rely on quality if you want to treat yourself and your loved ones to something good!