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Dreamy children's pillowcase

Healthy sleep is important for the development of children and babies . The most important thing is to choose the rightequipment for the bed. Mattress, bedding and the children's pillowcase must be age-appropriate. You will find a large selection of matching pillows and covers here .

How to find the right children's bedding

Besides different sizes and colours of children's pillowcases, the material also plays a role. 100 % cotton is considered very safe for babies and children. The breathable material promotes healthy sleep and can be machine washed at 40 degrees Celsius.

Choosing the bedding for your child

When choosing, consider the size of the blankets and pillows, because there is the right variant for the pillow for children for every age and therefore also the right children's pillowcase . Heavy blankets are not suitable for babies as this can be dangerous. It is better to put babies to bed in a sleeping bag. As a further accessory, a nest should also be attached to the sides and top of the bed. This protects the child from hitting itself during the night if it should turn over.