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Fitted sheets

What are fitted sheets?

The fitted sheet protects the mattress from dirt and provides a comfortable sleeping surface for your baby. Like apillow and blanket, it is part of the bedding. Thanks to an elastic band, the fitted sheet can be stretched tightly over the mattress.

The different materials

Babies sleep healthiest on natural fibres. Classic cotton fabrics such as smooth jersey and fluffy terrycloth are breathable, regulate the climate and can be machine-washed at 60°. Cotton percale is suitable for summer. It has a cooling surface and can be washed at 40°. Lyocell or Tencel is made from wood fibre and is ideal for allergy sufferers. It is antibacterial, mite repellent, cooling and absorbs a lot of moisture. You can wash it at 60°.

The fitted sheets start at 30x70 cm. The largest is the fitted sheet 70x140 cm. Measurethe mattress in your cot carefully before deciding on a size.