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Baby blankets for sleeping, cuddling and crawling

Discover play blankets, cuddle blankets, sleep blankets and crawl blankets on 4mybaby.ch

Are you looking for the right baby blanket, but the decision is difficult? No matter if you are looking for a cuddle blanket, sleep blanket or crawl blanket: On 4mybaby.ch you will certainly find what you are looking for. Find out more about our high-quality and cosy baby blankets in the next few lines. We have collected answers to the most important questions for you.

Which blanket is the right one for a newborn?

Newborns need a lot of love, warmth and affectionate cuddles. If you are looking for a blanket for newborns, the blanket should have the following characteristics above all.

The blanket must

- be cuddly

- be easy to care for

- cotton material provides nest warmth

- be dense so that warmth does not escape

- snuggle up to the baby's delicate skin

- be soft and not scratchy

The baby blankets from 4mybaby.ch meet these requirements. Browse through our shop and treat your little one to something good. Your newborn will thank you for it!

What material should the blanket for my baby be made of?

Cotton is the best material for your blanket. Whether it's a cuddly blanket, a sleeping blanket or a crawling blanket: opt for the natural material of cotton. Cotton is a natural material that your baby will love. It is natural, non-toxic and cuddly soft. Cotton is processed in different ways, so the texture of baby blankets is always adapted to the individual need. Whether you need a topper for your mattress, a sleeping blanket, a cuddly blanket or a crawling blanket for the nursery: In our opinion, cotton is the best material for a suitable blanket.

How big does a baby blanket need to be?

This depends a little on what you need the blanket for. We recommend the following sizes for your blankets. The measurements are only an approximate guide to help you get a feel for the appropriate size. You can also opt for blankets that are smaller or larger.

Snuggle blanket - 80 x 60 cm

Sleeping blanket - 75 x 75 cm

Crawling blanket - 80 x 80 cm

Play blanket - 80 x 100 cm

Which baby blanket is suitable for summer?

In the summer, our babies quickly start to sweat. We recommend the Zewi summer baby blanket Eskimo. The baby blanket is available from us in different colours and comes in two different sizes: 100x150 cm and 75 x 100 cm. The blanket is ideal for at home and on the go, balances out temperatures and is the ideal companion for hot summer nights or a tour in the pram.

How many blankets does a baby need?

The best way to take care of them is to get a newborn blanket first. If your child is older than three months, we recommend buying a cuddly blanket, a sleeping blanket, a crawling blanket and a play blanket. Remember to wash your blankets regularly and you will need a replacement during the washing process. It is also helpful to have several blankets for both home and outdoors. You can never have enough blankets for a baby. In our shop you will find many well-known brands such as Odenwälder, Sterntaler or Lulando. Whether in winter or in summer: with the blankets from 4mybaby.ch you will always find the right cuddly blanket for your little one! This way, your child will always sleep soft and protected. Browse through our shop now and find the blanket that suits you and your baby best.