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Baby crib set

Baby bed set from the beginning

In our category "Baby Bed Set", all articles around the baby bed equipment are clearly listed. In order to make the first sleeping area for the newborn baby look particularly cosy, many parents-to-be decorate the nursery with enchanting furniture even before the birth date. With a baby bed set, the cot is transformed into a cosy nest for sleeping. A bed surround made of soft fabric, an airy canopy and matching baby blankets and bed linen with beautiful patterns will help.

Baby bed set: material & care

In addition to the matching mattress, you will need at least one baby bedding set for the beginning, consisting of a flat pillow and a duvet in pillow size together with sheets and covers. Depending on the season, responsible parents use either a light and airy or a warm, breathable duvet. The mattress can be protected against moisture with an additional insert. The covers of the bed surround, blanket and pillow are preferably made of pure cotton or a high-quality cotton blend that can be machine washed at high temperatures. The canopy is usually made of gauze or a light cotton fabric.

Bed accessories for children

Shortly after the birth, many parents want a cradle or a mobile bassinet so that their baby can be close to them at all times. Newborns sleep a lot and are not disturbed by anything. From the third month of life at the latest, the baby needs its own little bed in a quiet room. With the right baby bed set accessories, you can transform any conventional cot into a cosy baby bed. Cuddle blankets, soft toys and mobiles to help them fall asleep complete the set.