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Bed linen

Children's bed linen - cuddly soft and cosy

Bed linen for children differs in many ways from a bed linen set for adults. Modern children's bed linen is usually particularly soft, cuddly and feels wonderful. No matter whether bed linen for a baby or for a bigger child - the focus is above all on an attractive design. So you will find child-friendly duvet covers, fitted sheets, pillowcases and more that are printed with funny motifs, cute figures or pretty little flowers. Plain sheets and covers are also very popular with the little ones. The important thing is that boys and girls feel comfortable in them, which makes it easier for them to slip into the realm of dreams night after night.

What are the dimensions of children's bed linen?

A distinction is made between baby bed linen and children's bed linen. The typical standard sizes are 135 cm x 200 cm for the duvet and 80 cm x 80 cm for the pillowcases. When a child is about 1.20 m tall, you can bed it in adult bedding. The danger of literally "getting lost" in the covers is no longer present with such a size.

Which fabric for children's bedding?

The bed is usually the centre of a child's room. No matter whether it is placed at the side or in the middle of the room - the focus goes directly there when entering the room. True to the motto: "You made your bed, now sleep in it", the children's bed should impress with its solid quality, it should be cosy and offer the child every conceivable lying and sleeping comfort. It is important that the mattress meets the child's needs in terms of ergonomics and firmness - and that the optimal bedding is used. Babies and toddlers alike love it when the linen is cosy, soft and wonderfully warm. This conveys a wonderful feeling of security. An essential factor for healthy development.

Modern children's bed linen is often made of cotton. Mixed materials are also very popular with discerning parents. The breathable and moisture-absorbing properties of children's bedding are important. Here it is worth remembering that humans lose about a litre of fluid during the night. In babies and small children, this is between 300 and 400 millilitres of sweat, etc. Mothers and fathers are therefore well advised to make sure that their child lies in high-quality, comfortable bed linen that absorbs the moisture and releases it to the outside. When choosing bed linen for the summer season, this characteristic is of particular relevance. It is in the nature of things that many babies and toddlers put the tip or another piece of their bed linen in their mouth and feel the textile texture with their tongue. Therefore, when buying children's bed linen, parents should make sure that the material is free of harmful substances. This can always be recognised by reputable brands through corresponding labels or seals of quality.


Don't save money at the wrong end when buying baby or children's bed linen. The high-quality design of pillowcases, fitted sheets and duvets is literally priceless. Moreover, it is a guarantee for well-being and safety. A good feeling.