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sleep aid baby

Good night, little darling!

Babies and toddlers, like adults, need enough sleep so that their bodies can recover. Babies first have to learn the day-night rhythm and it is not always easy for parents to enjoy relaxed evenings. This makes evening rituals all the more important, because they create security and convey a feeling of safety to the child.

In addition to a consistent bedtime ritual and the undivided attention of mum and dad, sleep aids help babies to distinguish between day and night much better and to fall asleep more quickly. Switching on a night light, for example, rings in the evening. In addition to rituals, it is important for children to hear their parents' voices. Whether it's a bedtime story or a goodnight song, for little ones the voice of mummy and daddy is the most wonderful thing in the world.

Baby sleep aid

Babies are given breast milk or a bottle before bedtime, older children a portion of porridge. A popular ritual is the evening bath and the babies and toddlers are changed once more. The light can be dimmed while changing the nappy, the night light prepares the offspring perfectly for the upcoming night's sleep.

The baby sleeping aid, the change of clothes and the accessories around the cot also signal to the child that night is about to begin. Children quickly learn that it won't be long until the sandman comes. For example, if the sleeping bag is put on or the baby is lovingly placed on a pillow and covered with a fluffy blanket, the offspring knows that it is now bedtime. On the other hand, children should be given a different robe in the morning to let them know that now is the start of a new day.

Let rituals end

Despite sleep aids for babies, cuddling should not be neglected. Sleeping aids for babies help the little ones to fall asleep more quickly and peacefully and the parents can spend the evening calmly. When the children are a little older, many of them make a point of saying goodnight to all family members, the pet and the favourite toy. The children also ask, how long do I have to sleep, when is it finally time to get up again and when can I play again.

A sleep aid in the form of an alarm clock is just the thing now. The alarm clock as a sleep aid for baby or toddler is set and the child has an orientation aid when the night's rest is finally over again. Some parents are unsure how long they should use sleep aids for babies. To be honest, there is no need to do without the sleep aid at all. Every adult has their own rituals and sleep aids in the evening, such as soft music or twilight.