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Skip Hop Food

Skip Hop® Food

Skip Hop, is the brand that has made it its flag to make necessary things for babies, children and parents, as smart and as useful as possible. With this company, parents are heard. Above all, the topic of food concerns children from small to large. And as individual as the little ones already are, so are the articles from Skip Hop in the matter of food.

Innovative into the future

There are countless products on the market for eating with children. Skip Hop makes the difference here. All articles are well thought out and tested for any weak points. The creations that result are constantly being further developed and put through their paces. From child-friendly closures to dishwasher and drop resistance. Only when the product meets the company's criteria does it go into production.

Environment and health

Especially with children, it is important for us as parents to leave a healthy footprint. Also Skip Hop has taken this matter to heart. All items are BPA, PVC and phthalate free. They also use reusable, durable or renewable raw materials such as metal and bamboo or harmless polypropylene. Always designed for prolonged use, most products are dishwasher safe and robust. This also includes drops of the dinnerware from the high chair or scratch resistance in the school bag. Small parts such as straws for drinking bottles can be bought separately so that they do not have to be replaced completely.


Every child develops at a different pace and every child has different preferences when it comes to the big topic of food. Ski Hop makes it important to have the right crockery, cutlery and bowls for everyone. From non-slip, to colourful, to a warming plate for the slow eaters, there is a huge selection for every taste. Always with the little hands of the children in mind. Because eating properly needs to be practised and this can be done with the right tools. Cutlery is made with non-slip and soft grip sides, cups still have handles at the beginning which can be removed later and plates have lovingly designed divisions.


The look of all articles is always modern, with cute animals or bright colours. There is a suitable product for every child that can be integrated into everyday life. Everything is always well thought out by the company, seals, openings and accessories are integrated into the design.

Product variety

Not only cutlery and plates are offered by Skip Hop offer. Practical helpers such as dosing aids with screw caps, washable bibs or stackable food containers can also be found on the article list. And best of all, they are all designed to disappear quickly into the diaper bag. So they are not only useful in your own household, but also on the road or when travelling. There are also entire product lines with practical lunch boxes, thermo drink bottles and snack boxes that can be stowed in the school bag without taking up much space in the hectic school day. Again, always with smart solutions to be able to store as much as possible. No matter whether you want to keep lunch warm or a salad fresh and cool. The right solution is sure to be found.

Popular worldwide

Skip Hop has been established on the market since 2003. All products are marketed and sold worldwide. Which is mainly due to the love for their own brand, because everything comes from parents for parents. In recent years, they have received many awards, especially for safety, innovation and smart solutions. Always keeping in mind that the products are durable and free of harmful substances at the same time.