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Skip Hop Baby equipment

Skip Hop® Baby equipment

Skip Hop is a lifestyle brand that has made it their mission to make the lives of parents and children easier with simple everyday companions. They became known in 2003 with one of the first practical and functional changing bags that could be attached to the pram, and today they produce smart solutions for almost every area of life. Especially when it comes to baby equipment, the company is way ahead. In recent years, the brand has received Skip Hop In recent years, the brand has received several awards for its products, which have repeatedly attracted attention in the areas of safety, innovation and practical use. They focus on minimalist looks and high utility at the same time. The company's designers only release products when they are perfect. That means from colour to utility to use, everything has to be right until it is produced. This is what distinguishes the brand and has helped them gain a firm foothold in the market.

Worldwide market

The articles, which are now available almost worldwide, meet and exceed all existing regulations for product safety in the countries in which they are traded. Quality and functionality always play a major role.

Be smart

The products are characterised by modern design with simple colours and cute animal motifs. Equipment such as nappy baskets or changing pads can be selected so that they fit in with your own home décor and do not immediately stand out as baby equipment. Things that are especially needed on the go are designed so that they can be easily stowed in the diaper bag or even attached to the pram.

Baby equipment from a single source

In the meantime, almost everything a parent's heart desires can be found in the brand Skip Hop®. Wet wipe containers for on the go, which can be attached to the key ring, soft toys as a sleep companion with light and soft sounds or pollutant-free teething rings with cute animal motifs, which are also used as toys. Always characterised by simple design and practical functionality, the baby Skip Hop unmistakable and popular when it comes to baby equipment.


Babies are easily overwhelmed, especially in the beginning. By too many colours, too loud noises or just too much of everything. With the smart solutions for baby equipment from Skip Hop babies can learn, play and grow without worrying about overstimulation, toxic pollutants or the risk of injury. The brand focuses on entertainment for children and life-savers for parents. The philosophy is "Must-Haves Made Better". In other words, things that are really needed are rethought, reworked and constructed with new, ingenious functionality and simple design at skip hop. These include, for example, soap dispensers that are child's play to operate with just one hand, night lights that can be carried transportably from one room to the next, or travel cots that are easy to transport and quick to stow away. Always with useful and lovingly designed details that make everyday life easier for parents and baby.

Practical in everyday life

Almost all products in the baby equipment sector are designed and manufactured in such a way that they do not contain any harmful substances or toxins. In addition, safety above all is a high priority at skip hop. Sharp edges and pointed small parts are avoided in all articles. The focus is always on quick readiness for use and inconspicuous integration in one's own living area. The products are usually easy to clean and can be used practically anywhere. The company distinguishes itself with economical and ecological products, because they are durable, easy to clean and harmless.