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RECARO Accessories

RECARO accessories make life with the baby easier

When a baby is born, parents equip their home with the necessary utensils for the little one. From the baby cot to the pram and the car seat to the care products and clothing, everything is prepared. However, it is the accessories that ensure a high level of well-being during the daily outing. RECARO has designed practical and pleasant accessories to make life with the baby easier.

Be equipped for all situations in the pram

A walk begins in glorious sunshine, but the weather can change quickly. It's good to have practical accessories packed for rainy days. RECARO offers the rain cover for pushchairs, buggies, infant carriers and car seats. The rain cover is designed for one model and adapts to the shape of the product model without constricting the children in their seats. Each cover can be fitted and removed in a few simple steps. The transparent material gives parents a good view of their child. When the little ones are put in the car from the pram in bad weather, the seat protector protects the back of the front seats from dirt. It doesn't just have to be the rain that is a nuisance on an outing. Insects can also be a nuisance, which is why RECARO offers insect screens as accessories to match its products. The fine-meshed nets keep insects away from children's sensitive skin and maintain air circulation in the seats. The rain and insect screens can be cleaned with warm water.

Braving the heat with RECARO

Hot temperatures are difficult for babies to cope with, because they cannot release the excess body heat through sweating. The large surface area of the skin in relation to the volume of the body quickly leads to high body heat, which is why the little ones need to be protected from direct sunlight. A sunshade attached to the pram is an inexpensive accessory that keeps the sun's rays out. When travelling by car, a large sun cover takes over protection from the sun's rays. In addition, a summer cover can be purchased as an accessory and fitted over the child car seats. The soft, airy, moisture-binding and breathable mesh material increases air circulation so that the little ones feel dry and comfortable. At the same time, the summer cover prevents stains and dirt on the actual car seat. To compensate for fluid loss, children, but also parents, need to drink a lot during the summertime. The drink holder is attached to the handlebar of the pushchair with a click fastener and holds a baby bottle, the adult's drinking bottle or a coffee mug. It can remain mounted even when the pram is folded.

Reach for RECARO accessories when it's cold

RECARO helps those who get cold quickly in winter with its winter accessories. A cosy footmuff, which can also be used as a newborn nest, provides warmth for the little ones and the hand warmer on the handlebars of the prams provides warm hands for the adults.

Easy conversion of the baby products

Accessories are often not very spectacular to look at, but offer a lot of benefit. The adapters from RECARO allow parents to use the infant carrier on the pram frame, to twist the car seat in any position to make it easier for the little ones to get in and out, or to use different car seats with one attachment. For travelling, a buggy carrycot is suitable to protect the pram from dirt during a flight.