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RECARO Child seats

RECARO child seats ensure safety in the car

Even on the first car journey home from hospital, babies must be secured in the car with a child seat. The type of child seat to be used depends on the weight and size of the children and is regulated by local laws. Seats are divided into groups, starting with group 0/1. Essentially, babies need a rear-facing infant carrier secured with its own harness system. Older children up to a height of 130 to 150 cm can sit in a child seat or booster seat. Here, the car's seat belt is used. With RECARO, parents use a child restraint system that is characterised by excellent properties in the event of an accident.

RECARO for newborns and infants

Newborns and small babies have soft muscles, cartilage and bones that need special support and protection during a car journey. RECARO's baby car seats are equipped with side impact protection. The seat and reclining surfaces are ergonomically shaped and the harness is softly padded. The baby car seats are connected to the car body by means of the Isofix system. In the event of an accident, the energy of the impact is dissipated. RECARO baby car seats can be used up to a height of around 85 cm or a weight of 15 kg. As a rule of thumb, there should be a gap of around two finger widths between the top edge of the seat and the beginning of the child's head. To ensure that babies feel comfortable in the infant carriers, RECARO has equipped the seats with a ventilation system. The air can circulate pleasantly through the skin-friendly fabric covers and the little ones do not sweat. To protect against the sun's incoming rays, the infant carriers are equipped with a very large sun canopy with UPF50+ protection.

Infants sit rear-facing or forward-facing

Depending on the model, RECARO child seats can be installed forward or rearward facing. The seats that grow with the child, which offer a separate reduction cushion for newborns, can be used in both directions. Child seats for toddlers have their own harness system, while those for older children use the car's harness. Since toddlers already have considerably more weight than babies, the child seats score points with good handling. The seats can be rotated 360 degrees to make it easier for parents to put the children in and take them out of the seats. To ensure that the little ones are secured in every car and on every journey, the car seats are built as lightly as possible and can be attached in the car in just a few steps to make it easier to switch between vehicles. From the age of 15 months, the little ones can be transported forward facing. This makes it easier for parents to communicate with their offspring.

Booster seats for older children

Booster seats and child seats from group 2 are suitable for children from 3.5 years of age who are around 100 cm tall. These seats use the car's seat belt and guarantee an optimal fit of the belt on the child's body by raising the height. To allow the little ones to sit comfortably, theseposTo allow the little ones to sit comfortably, these child seats are equipped with headrests and armrests that can be adjusted to the size of the children. In many models, the backrests are foldable and a handy handle makes it easier to transport the child seats.

RECARO tests every child seat

RECARO conducts crash tests at every stage of product development so that parents can be sure they have purchased an optimal child seat for their darlings. All infant carriers and child seats have withstood the energy of a frontal crash test, which has been confirmed by reputable test institutes. The company works with international test institutes in many countries.