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sun protection baby carriage

Sun protection for the pram

A pram with sun protection is an absolute must. Especially in the summer months, when the sun is at an angle that creates a particularly high UV exposure. In the summer months, the UV index can rise to as high as 7 between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m., even in Germany, and protection is urgently recommended from an index of 3.

Inaddition to hats, creams and UV protective clothing, sun sails on the pram and buggy are a must, as children's sensitive skin is particularly sensitive to gene-modifying UV radiation, as the cells frequently divide due to body growth. That's why it's a good idea to find out about and use sun protection, both as a cream and as a cover for the pram. Accessories such as sunscreens for the windows are also recommended for car j ourneys.

How do you protect your child? And how much sun is good?

Sun cream should be compulsory in summer, especially at midday. It is not only the nose that needs to be covered, but all exposed areas. The skin has a natural protection time that can vary from 10 to over 60 minutes depending on skin type. The sun protection factor extends this time by the same factor. If it is normally 10 minutes, it is already 50 minutes with factor 50 protection cream.

Caps and sunglasses also offer good protection for children's skin, which is particularly thin and sensitive. A parasol for the pram is also advisable in summer. The colour can suit personal taste, as long as you make sure that this umbrella actually absorbs UV radiation. The fact that no visible light gets through is no guarantee! Special sun-protective clothing also offers sufficient protection for the skin that cannot be reached by sunscreen.

However, it is not necessary to shield the child from the sun. But in summer, more than a few minutes of direct midday sun is more than enough. It is better to expose them to the sun in the early morning or in the evening, when the sun is lower in the sky. The right balance between a healthy dose of vitamin D and dangerous UV exposure has to be found, and the right baby sunscreen on the pram will help you avoid nasty surprises.

Other accessories for a pram

Sun protection is, of course, not the only luxury to be indulged in when it comes to prams. A cup holder is always an excellent companion, as it is very important to drink enough liquids, especially in summer . Suitable spare parts should also always be in stock so that they are at hand when they are needed. Utensils that you want to have with you otherwise can be stored well in atransport bag.