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rain cover baby carriage

The rain cover: an absolute must-have

A rain cover is an important pram accessory, for example in the form of a bonnet or canopy that protects against rain. The bad weather helper among the pram accessories. Countless designs are available, so there is something for every pram model. Whether it's a pushchair with a tub, a buggy, a jogger, a 4-wheel pushchair, a 3-wheel pushchair, a twin pushchair or a sibling pushchair.

The rain covers differ in small details such as flaps that can be opened or flaps that are already open, windows, reflectors, zip and Velcro fasteners on the front, opening of the entire front rain cover, ventilation slits or mesh ventilation holes, with or without fastening options on the pram by elastic bands or press studs, simultaneous sun or insect protection, as well as universal, XL and custom sizes.

Safe and dry on the road

The advantages of a rain cover are just as varied. Your child and the pram are protected from wetness, wind and snow. Some designs also protect against the sun. Despite the protection, the canopy is breathable and permeable to air. The pram ride remains pleasant for mother and child. The rain cover is easy and quick to attach, detach and stow. After folding, the rain cover fits into the shopping or diaper bag without taking up much space. Depending on the fastening variant, the rain cover is stably attached to the pram so that it does not flap around in the wind. You will find that with the rain bonnets, walks or errands are relaxed for you even in bad weather.

A basket protector is also available as a pram accessory to protect your shopping in the pram. It is important for you that the rain cover does not let any moisture through, as it is made of water-repellent materials. It is therefore waterproof when fitted correctly, even if it takes a little longer. You will find the cover to fit every pram model. The covers are specially made for the respective model. However, there are also universal rain covers. These are not tailored to one pram model and can be used universally for the model you want. The respective rain cover also fits when using a footmuff, which is a real must especially in winter.