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Parasol baby carriage

The right parasol for the pram

A walk with your baby is nice, while the parents get some fresh air, the baby feels really comfortable around the pram. Nevertheless, perfect protection against the sun must be provided to protect the child from the intense UV radiation. The perfect protection against the sun is therefore always part of the pram accessories, so that the child is not exposed to full sunlight.

Although applying sun cream with a sun protection factor of 50+can help, a sun awning or parasol is still indispensable here in order to be able to enjoy the sunny time outdoors with the baby.

Protection for baby's sensitive skin

The subject of protection against the sun should always be taken seriously so that children do not get sunburn. This is because the high levels of UV radiation can also cause skin cancer, so as parents you must ensure that the baby or toddler is protected from this radiation. A sun sail can be quite helpful here, because the size of the pram sun sails is usually compatiblewith standard prams. With some models, the position of the sun sail can be adjusted to the angle of incidence of the sun. Nevertheless, you should make sure that the material is suitable. The UV protection factor tells you how well the material used protects against UVA and UVB radiation.

Just like sun sails, pram sunshades for children are also suitable for protecting children from harmful UV radiation. A suitable holder ensures that the sunshades can be securely fastened. Inaddition, suitable UV protective clothing is recommendedduring the sunny months .

Pushchair accessories

Accessories for prams include not only the sunshade but also the insect screen and the raincover. The insect screen protects your child from mosquito bites and annoying pests. This means you can let your baby sleep in the pram even when you are out and about. Protection from rain is also important so that the child does not get wet when the rain comes. The perfect accessories for the pram ensure that your baby is perfectly protected in any weather.