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insect protection baby carriage

Insects as a danger for babies and toddlers

In summer and early autumn, when the sun is shining and temperatures are high, children prefer to spend their time outdoors. But insects of all kinds also feel most at home in these weather conditions. Especially near lakes and standing water, which offer pleasant cooling in summer weather, insects are most common.

Even for adults, insect bites can be annoying and quite painful. For babies and small children, a sting is not only extremely unpleasant because of the itching, but can even be dangerous. Since babies under two years of age are not yet allowed to be sprayed or rubbed with insect repellents because of the chemicals they contain, an insect protection net is the only effective defence against the annoying pests. An insect screen should therefore definitely be part of the equipment of a pram.

Effective protection

Even a simple mosquito net is sufficient to protect thelittle ones from the unwelcome guests in the pram. It is important that the net is small-meshed so that no insects find their way into the pram. An insect screen is quickly attached and can also be folded up and stowed away again. You also don't have to worry about a baby feeling cramped by an insect screen in the pram. Thanks to the fine mesh fabric, the little one can still see and hear its entire surroundings and the air can also circulate well.

Mosquito nets are available in either black or white. Most pram manufacturers offer their own insect nets. For more price-conscious people, however, there are also universal nets as pram accessories that fit almost every pram model.

Protection against sun and heat

In addition to protection against insect bites, babies and toddlers should also be protected against the sun and heat on hotter days. Theskin of little ones is extremely sensitive to the sun's rays, which is why sunscreen is a must. The pram should also have adequate sun protection. If necessary, there are sun sails as pushchair attachments so that the child is not exposed to sunlight in the pushchair. And last but not least, small children should also wear suitable UV-protective clothing that protects the sensitive skin of the child against the sun in as many places as possible.