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Pram hand warmer - cuddly soft and highly functional

What would a walk with your offspring, sitting comfortably in the pram, be without a comfortable hand warmer? Such a little helper is also called a hand muff or pram muff. Mothers and fathers benefit from optimal protection for their hands during long walks in the city or in the park. In fact, pram gloves are very popular with parents because they effectively protect the hands from the cold, wind and rain in winter. Whether from Odenwälder or Kaiser - there are hardly any limits to the creativity of well-known designers when it comes to gloves for prams or pushchairs. The focus is on the quality of the materials used. Most hand warmers in this product category are made of robust lambskin. With us you will find attractive models that are either made entirely of lambskin or other high-quality raw materials or where the inside is lined with extra soft fleece or cotton. The choice is yours.

Waterproof and windproof

Mothers and fathers know the problem: when they go on an outing with their baby in wind and weather, it is not enough to wear gloves, especially in the cold season - even if they have special covers or foam linings. When pushing the pram, the hands lie still and almost immobile on the handle and thus attract frost and cold almost magically. The blood supply to the hands is therefore reduced. They cool down, become immobile and stiff, and sometimes even feel pain. Hand warmers on the pram offer another advantage compared to classic gloves: finger cots or mittens are often perceived as annoying when going for a walk. With a pram muff, on the other hand, things are different. The hands lie softly on top, they are gently wrapped in a soft textile or fur layer and are optimally protected.

A boon for the hands

The surface of high-quality hand warmers for prams from Odenwälder or Kaiser are often provided with a special insulating layer, such as nylon or other materials. This means that raindrops, dew and mist have no chance of getting through to your sensitive hands. What is also special about a pram muff is that it can be easily attached to the handle and shines with a firm fit. You can therefore easily slip in or slide out again. Moisture and cool air cannot penetrate easily, but you will feel wonderfully protected and comfortable when you go on a "journey of discovery" with your little treasure.

When buying pram hand warmers, go for quality. When your hands are fluffily wrapped and at the same time you benefit from a high degree of flexibility and mobility, every trip through the city or through the forest becomes pure pleasure. It's simply fun to be well equipped and to feel the soft feel of the pram muff on your skin. So much comfort puts you in a good mood - and so you radiate this positive feeling to the outside world. Your child will love being out and about with you. No matter what the weather. Rain, wind, frost and co. become a "triviality" this way.