Pram 1 child

The pram as a daily companion

For most parents, a pram is indispensable in everyday life. It is a faithful companion and should therefore meet all the demands placed on it. When the family is out and about, the pram always comes along. It is with them on walks, when shopping or on holiday. Parents simply cannot imagine life without a pram. Therefore, when buying a pram, it is particularly important to think carefully about your own requirements in order to find the right model for you and your baby.

Brands and models in our pram for 1 baby category

In our shop you will find various manufacturers whose models meet all kinds of requirements. For example, you will find prams from JoieBugaboo or Stokke, whose designs are practical and visually appealing at the same time. But you will also find joggers, combi prams, but also buggies and various types of accessories from which you can choose your favourite model. For example, the Versatrax model or the Mountain Buggy 3.0.

What is important when buying a pram

Before buying the companion for the first years of your child's life, parents need to be clear about their own requirements. More precisely, they need to determine which functions a pram must fulfil and which safety factors it should be equipped with. Of course, the most important thing is that the child sits or lies comfortably and safely in the pram. In addition, the age of the child must be taken into account or you can choose a model that grows with the child from infancy onwards and can best serve as a means of transport until the child is three years old. Other points of criticism are also the size of the car, which you must take into account. Be sure to choose a model that you can stow in your boot. Siblings should also be included in the considerations. For example, do you need a combination push chair or a sibling pushchair or, for example, accessories such as a footboard to be attached to the pushchair?

Pram models and their uses

The different models correspond to different uses. A buggy, for example, folds up small and can be taken anywhere. It is small and manoeuvrable, can be easily stored indoors and often has an adjustable backrest that turns it into a reclining buggy. A jogger, also called a stroller, meets the needs of parents who like to take their child to sports. These stroller models are equipped with good suspension, which makes them perfect for pushing on uneven ground when jogging or skating.

Additional accessories for the pushchair

Pushchairs can often be extended with the help of various options. Seat or footboards offer space for siblings. Holders and car adapters make it possible to attach the baby car seat to the pram frame. An option that is particularly suitable for parents who travel a lot by car. Discover the large selection of prams, matching accessories and spare parts in our shop.