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Winter Footmuff

What are the arguments in favour of the winter foot sack?

Fresh air is healthy! This wisdom applies not only in summer but also in winter. Low temperatures or even sub-zero temperatures should by no means prevent parents from going outside with their babies and toddlers. It is all the more important to make sure that the little ones are protected from the cold in wintry weather. Especially babies who often sleep or move only a little during awalk in the pram cool down quickly and it is essential to keep them appropriately warm. A footmuff is the perfect pramaccessory to protect babies and toddlers from wind and cold in winter.

A winter footmuff proves to be much more practical than blankets in most cases. Most winter footmuffs have a zip that closes from both the top and the bottom, making it absolutely hassle-free to put on and take off. A zipper in the footwell of the foot sack is also very practical. This way, the child's so often dirty shoes can peek out and, especially in rainy weather, the inside of the bag stays clean.

In addition to a suitable foot sack, the rest of the baby's or toddler's equipment should also be designed for windy, rainy and snowy weather and low temperatures in winter. Inaddition to a suitable snowsuit, this should include a pair of gloves (ideally mittens), a scarf and a hat that goes over the ears.

Material and care

Unlike a summer footmuff, which is only suitable for the warm season, a winter footmuff absolutely must be designed for low temperatures and cold, wet weather. A winter footmuff should be windproof, 100% water-repellent and very good heat insulator. Accordingly, the linings of winter footbags are often made of high-quality down feathers or thermally insulating and at the same time breathable synthetic materials. Footbags made of lambskin, which are not only visually beautiful but also pleasantly soft and sweat-absorbing, are also very popular.

In this context, a small tip on proper washing: down fillings must be tumble dried. You should put a colourfast tennis ball in the dryer with the footmuff to loosen up the down again. If you have a winter footmuff made of lambskin, make sure to wash it only with lambskin detergent and not too often, otherwise the natural components will be affected.