Summer Footmuff

Why do you need a summer footmuff?

Especially in spring and autumn, temperatures often fluctuate greatly during the day. In the morning you go for a walk in relatively cool air, at noon it is warmer and in the evening it cools down again. Keeping babies and toddlers warm should therefore be a priority, especially in the mornings and evenings.

What materials does a summer footmuff consist of?

A summer footmuff is the best choice for proper protection. It is the ideal companion for the transitional period. A summer footmuff is made of wind- and water-repellent material on the outside, while the inside is lined with high-quality, soft fleece. So the little ones are well protected against wind, rain and cold even on windy and rainy days and at lower temperatures. At the same time, the soft interior provides cosy warmth and a feeling of well-being. In addition, a summer footmuff conducts heat well so that the little ones do not start sweating unnecessarily on warmer days.

How practical is a summer footmuff?

When it gets warmer, the footmuff can be easily opened by means of the all-round zip and the leg cover removed. This gives the child a comfortable seat cover that protects him or her from the cold streaming in from below. In addition, the summer footmuff protects the seat cover of the pram from stains and wear. By the way, they are washed at 30 degrees without fabric softener.

These original footmuffs for the respective pram have the advantage that the belt slots are in exactly the right places. The disadvantage of the original accessories is the somewhat higher price. In contrast, the universal footmuffs have to fit a large number of pram models, but are cheaper to buy. This leads to the disadvantage that the individual belt slots are wider and there are also slots in places where only individual prams have a belt. Before buying a footmuff, you should definitely find out whether it fits your pram.