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Station wagon 1 child

Safely on the move with an optimal combi pram

The practical combination p ram can be used from birth up to about four years of age. At the beginning, your baby lies safely and comfortably in the carrycot. Well protected in wind and weather, your baby can relax and experience many new impressions. Whether in the rigid carrycot or the lightweight carrycot, your little treasure will certainly feel comfortable and secure in it during the first 5-6 months.

What you should also consider when choosing a pram is your lifestyle. If you live in the city in a small flat or drive a small car, compact models that are easy to store and easy to transport are recommended.

Do you love the outdoors and enjoy being out in the woods or planning extended day hikes with your baby? Then you should go for a more robust combi pushchair. Pneumatic wheels with tread and good suspension are a must for outdoor fans who like to explore the world with their baby. Of course, a baby carrier is always a good alternative or addition here.

Many functions

After about 5 months, your child is ready to discover even more of the world with joy. Your pram can be converted into a pushchair in just a few easy steps. The pushchair seat is equipped with a 5-point harness system and has various reclining positions.positions. For the perfect fit and an optimal lying surface, the footrest can be adjusted in inclination so that your baby can continue to sleep comfortably in its pram after an eventful day.
If you want to keep your child in sight, various prams have a sports seat that can be attached to both sides of the frame.

You can choose between a sporty three-wheeled or a classic pram. Equipped with swivelling wheels, the pram is easy to manoeuvre with just one hand. On uneven, unpaved roads, the wheels can also be fixed on all models.
We recommend that you choose a pushchair with larger wheels if you often travel on uneven, bumpy roads. For the city, pushchairs with smaller wheels are the right choice; they make the pushchair more compact and smaller overall.

The height of the bumper can be adjusted on all models so that the pram can always be pushed at the ideal height. There are also models that are equipped with a braking aid. Especially those who often have to walk up and down hills will appreciate this. If your child falls asleep in the car and you don't want to wake him or her up for a short distance, most pram manufacturers offer matching baby car seat adapters so that the baby car seat can be easily clicked onto the pram. Don't use this too often, however, because the best and safest reclinposyour little darling continues to lie in the flat carrycot.

All combi pushchairs can be folded compactly and can therefore also be transported in the car. Note the folding dimensions of the pram and make sure it will fit in your boot. If not included, remember to buy a rain cover. No pram is waterproof.