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Baby carriage 3 in 1

Practical 3-in-1 prams - the faithful companions

Mums and dads who want to offer their baby something special from the first day of life opt for a modern trio of pushchairs. Because a 3 in 1 pushchair is not only extremely comfortable and offers remarkable comfort to parents and children alike. Combi pushchairs in this product category also offer many other advantages. You can use the combi pushchair up to around the fourth year of your child's life and are thus ideally equipped in a wide range of situations.

Simply comfortable on the road - with our trio set

Embark on a special journey of discovery together with your child. Drive from A to B in the car and put your child in the cosy baby bath. The carrycot can be removed from the upper part of the pushchair in just a few easy steps. Especially in the first weeks and months of life, your little bundle of joy will feel protected and safe in it. In addition, a reclining position in the car is easy on the back and takes the strain off your child's sensitive joints. On short journeys, your little treasure can sit in the baby car seat or in the child seat on the passenger or rear seat. Whether it's a carrycot, carrycot or child seat: you will love the advantages that a 3 in 1 pushchair from our online store has to offer.

If your child feels comfortable on the move, it will curiously take in its surroundings. Or it will fall asleep contentedly while fixed in its child seat. The main segment of the pushchair lies, compactly folded, in the boot of your vehicle and waits there for its next use. In fact, not only is it child's play to transport the 3 in 1 pushchair from A to B in the car, but you can also fold it up to a compact size in advance in just a few seconds.

Quality pays off

A high-quality pushchair set from our range makes family life easier. You can comfortably bed your darling in it and then go for a walk in peace and quiet. Visits to the paediatrician you trust, to playgroup or to your best friend become an uncomplicated pleasure this way. If desired, it is possible to adjust the child seat to different lying and sitting positions.positions. This can be ensured by the excellently thought-out 5-point harness system. With a few clicks, the pram becomes a modern pushchair. Of course, you can also adjust the angle of the footrest and the lying surface to suit your needs.

Stability and durability - that's what counts

Discover the new combi pushchairs in our range now. The tried and tested swivelling wheels ensure that you can manoeuvre the pushchair without any effort. Of course, it also does everything on unpaved paths or uneven roads. Of course, the purchase of a pram always involves a certain amount of expense. Younger families who are just starting to plan a family are excellently advised to choose our durable combi pushchairs. Their timeless designs, the solid quality of the materials used and their precise workmanship are a guarantee for the longevity of our models. In this way, you can still use your new brand 3-in-1 pushchair including accessories for the coming siblings.