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sibling stroller

A clever solution

A practical combi p ram for two children is an uncomplicated, comfortable solution for flexible travel with siblings or twins. In the combination prams, your darlings can sit or lie comfortably next to each other. Some models have the seats behind each other, so that you have a compact pram even with two children.

The practical combination pram can be used from birth up to about four years of age. In the beginning, your babies lie safely and comfortably in the carrycot. Perfectly protected in wind and weather, your babies can experience many new impressions in a relaxed way together with their mothers. For children of different ages, the seats can be adjusted individually. So you can use the sports seat for the big sibling, while your newborn lies next to it in its carrycot. Cute toys for on the go are a must! When both children are ready to discover more of the world in the sports seat from 5 months, you can adjust the position individually from child to child thanks to the reversible seat parts. If you want to keep your child in sight, various pushchairs have a sports seat that can be attached to both sides of the frame. The width of most models of combination prams for two children still fits easily through standard doorways. By the way, you can also find great weather protection clothing for your children here.

Combi pushchair: versatile and flexible

The height of the pushchair can be adjusted on all models so that the pushchair can always be pushed at the ideal height. There are also models that are equipped with a braking aid. Especially those who often have to walk up and down hills will appreciate this. If one of your children falls asleep in the car and you don't want to wake him or her up for a short distance, most pram manufacturers offer matching baby car seat adapters so that the baby car seat can be easily clicked onto the pram. Some combi pushchairs can also be used with two car seats.posHowever, do not use this too often, because the best and safest reclining position for your little one is still in the flat carrycot.

All combination prams can be folded compactly and can therefore also be transported in the car. Note the folding dimensions of the pushchair and make sure it will fit in your boot. If not included, remember to buy a rain cover. Why not also take a look at our SALE.