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siblings buggy

Baby buggies for twins and siblings - flexible and comfortable on the road with two children.

With a baby buggy for siblings or the twin buggy, you are well on your way everywhere. Our modern buggies offer babies and toddlers safety, healthy seating and recliningpositions and comfort. The manoeuvrable two-child buggies are foldable, fit in the boot and are suitable for travelling. If you are travelling with a baby and a toddler, you can choose a model with a baby seat as an accessory.

Alternatively, the car seat for the baby can be mounted on the pushchair for 2 children with an adapter. If the age gap between your children is greater, you can opt for acombination pram forthe baby and a step pram for the older child.

Important criteria for buying buggies for two children

Before buying, it is important to check that the buggy meets all the requirements for child safety and for ease of pushing and folding. Buggies usually have the seat facing forwards. Decisive factors when buying a buggy are material, weight, driveability and steerability, brakes, safety devices (brackets, belts), wheels and variety of functions.

Since a buggy still has as much bounce as a larger pram despite integrated wheel suspension, the comfort of the seats is of great importance. With properly fitting seat pads, uneven ground is cushioned more strongly and sitting and lying comfort is increased. For good manoeuvrability, the front wheels should be flexible. It is ideal if you can also lock them if necessary.

Double buggies make special demands on stability and must be designed for the weight of two children. In the offers you will find information on both the carrying capacity and the tare weight of the buggy. Aluminium is particularly suitable for transport because of its lightness. Brakes and brakes must be very easy to operate and of the highest safety. We only stock buggies from brand manufacturers in tested quality. Two-wheel buggies are available with six or four wheels.

Additional equipment and spare parts

Under accessories for the various buggies you will find spare parts for wheels, harnesses, accessories for baby tubs, carrycots and more. Modern, comfortable buggies are already equipped with an adjustable hood, some with large viewing windows on the sides. Babies and toddlers, however, need even better sun protection. There arealso great accessories for mum that can be attached to the pram, such as a mobile phone holder or a drink holder .