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When should I start using a baby buggy?

Babies learn new things every day. As soon as they are born, the little ones want to turn around, sit down or even stand up while lying down. And by the time the child takes its first steps, the pram has usually had its day. But unfortunately, the little ones' stamina is usually not enough to manage the long walk to the playground or the supermarket on their own. Now parents not only need a lot of patience with the little walker, but ideally also a light, handy and practical buggy.

Unfortunately, there is no concrete answer to the question of when a baby buggy can be used, because children are known to develop at different speeds. There is therefore no specific age recommendation for the use of a buggy. While one baby can already sit safely at five months, other children at this age do not even think about getting up from the comfortable reclinerposition. In order to be able to use a buggy safely, the child must be able to sit up and sit down completely without support. If this is not the case, ababy buggy should not be used forthe time being . The child's back must not be put in a sitting position by artificial padding.position. Therefore, especially in the first months of life, the tub of the pram is the best and safest place for an infant. Only then can the buggy come into play, depending on the individual stage of development.

Baby Buggy: The Advantages

The main advantage of a baby buggy is that it is extremely practical, because it is much lighter and easier to handle than a normal pram. Most models can be folded up in the blink of an eye in just a few easy steps - some can even be reduced to the size of hand luggage. The child can easily get out of the buggy for the baby at any time and walk on by itself. If the child gets tired, he or she can take a seat in the buggy again and still explore the surroundings thanks to the good visibility. Especially in the city, as a companion for public transport or on holiday, buggies pay off due to their size, low weight and optimal manoeuvrability.

Buying a buggy for your baby: What needs to be considered?

Travel buggy, pushchair or a particularly elegant model - parents can choose from a wide range of models in the shops. While the large selection is certainly a challenge, it is also an advantage. Since the buggy will usually be a faithful companion for the family for a relatively long time, it is important that it has good stability, is safe, offers good comfort and, last but not least, also scores with a certain functionality. A model that can be easily folded and in which the baby can sit comfortably will make everyday life much easier for parents and child in the long run. A firm stand is also important so that the buggy cannot tip over during strong movements. The following criteria are also important when buying a buggy:

- The backrest should not be too short so that the baby does not grow out of it too quickly.

- It is best to choose hard plastic handles that are free of harmful substances and easy to clean.

- An adjustable pusher ensures that the buggy can also be moved easily by people of different heights.

- Wide and not too deep seats provide more comfort. The baby's lower legs must not rest on the seat of the buggy.

Baby buggy accessories

With regard to the available accessories for buggies, there are also numerous practical items of equipment available. For summer days, for example, it is useful to have asunshade that can be easily attached to the handlebars of the buggy. When the days get colder, the little darling can be kept warm with a beanbag. There are also special seat covers available for the buggy that make the child even more comfortable. Since the buggy is constantly in use and some parts, such as the wheels, wear out, you should always have the rightspare parts at hand . Then nothing will stand in the way of outdoor fun with a buggy!