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Discovering the world in a buggy

Immediately after birth, babies are best off in a pram or even a sling with their parents. In prams from Hauck, Joie, Chicco, Maxi-Cosi or other manufacturers, they are comfortable and protected from wind, sun and rain. As babies grow older, they become curious about their surroundings. It wants to see more and becomes increasingly dissatisfied in the pram.

When your child begins to sit independently, you can transport it in a baby buggy. At around six to eight months, most children can easily hold themselves upright with a little help. However, parents should still refrain from long walks with a buggy at this age. From about ten to twelve months, most children can sit up freely without any problems. Now there is nothing to stop them going on long trips in a pushchair or buggy.

Parents who did not decide on a combination pram or a trio of prams immediately after the birth of their child are now faced with the decision of which buggy to buy. Numerous manufacturers such as Hauck, Maxi-Cosi, Joie, ABC-Design or Chicco offer a variety of buggies and pushchairs in different price ranges and designs. With us you can easily find the right buggy for your needs online.

The children's buggy - light, practical and inexpensive

A buggy has the advantage that it is easier to fold than a pram and is easy to transport. It has a low weight and is usually much cheaper than a pram or a combi pram. Many models like the Safety 1st Peps buggy can be had for as little as CHF 50. These are particularly suitable if you do not need too many additional features. You can add accessories for extra comfort.

The classic buggy models

With the classic buggy, the child is driven facing forwards. We offer classic models such as Joie Litetrax, ABC-Design Ping, Buggy Citi Neo, Chicco Goody or CHICCO Liteway. Additional models from Hauck are also being planned.

With some of the buggies in our range, you can also adjust the seat direction variably forwards or backwards. This is particularly advantageous for very young toddlers, as they need visual contact with their parents to feel safe. Also, in hectic city traffic, a small child can quickly become overwhelmed if he or she is always pushed through the hustle and bustle facing forward.

With some models, such as the Safety 1st Urban Trek buggy, the backrest can be reclined.position. This means your child can sleep lying down, just like in a pram. In the Maxi-Cosi Lara buggy, too, parents can transport their small babies almost in a reclining position.position. This function is very practical for very young children who often fall asleep while walking.

The 5-point harness is important for babies and young toddlers so that they are sufficiently secured and do not fall. For a larger child, the belly bar is sufficient. The handlebars/steering grips should be adjustable, as with the pram, so that people of all sizes can push the buggy. The backrest and footrest should also be adjustable. If the hood is adjustable, it protects your child optimally from rain and offers UV protection from excessive sunlight.

Some buggies can be combined with a car seat and thus replace the pram, such as the Chicco Activ 3 Trio System. A buggy is particularly comfortable if it is equipped with the baby bath accessory, such as the Baby Jogger City Mini. However, these are not classic buggies, but rather special combination prams that comfortably combine several functions.

Mobile on the move in the city and in the country

For parents who spend a lot of time in shops and cafés in the city centre, the baby buggy has to be light, chic and manoeuvrable. Small swivelling wheels like those on the Joie Nitro lx buggy ensure manoeuvrability and are also perfect for narrow rows of shelves. Buggies with lockable front wheels offer sufficient stability when pushing, even outside small shops. For sporty parents who go running, a jogger or cruiser is recommended. This has two large rear wheels and only one front wheel and is particularly easy and manoeuvrable to push. This makes it easy to take the child along when running. If the backrest can also beposIf the backrest can also be adjusted to the reclining position, there is nothing to prevent a restful nap.

Accessories for baby buggies and pushchairs

Brand manufacturers such as Hauck, Maxi-Cosi, Joie, ABC-Design or Chicco offer numerous accessories for pushchairs and buggies. Belly bars, cup holders, transport bags, seat covers or weather and insect protection can be combined with the buggy. Foot bags ensure warm feet in winter. You can also order spare parts for your buggy, jogger or pushchair conveniently online.