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two-seater baby carriage

The pram second seat for siblings

A twin pushchair or a model with a second seat is ideal for children of the same age or siblings who were born a short distance apart. With the second seat, you can easily convert thepram into a twin pram in just a few steps. The advantage of this is, of course, the high flexibility.

This solution is ideal for siblings and parents, as two children can be transported at the same time easily and uncomplicatedly when shopping or going for a walk. This also means less stress for parents when two children can be accommodated in the pram with the second seat.

Before buying, you should think carefully about which model to choose. There are different options depending on the age and size of the child. Of course, it also depends onyour pram or buggy. Not every second seat is compatible with every pram.

In most cases you have the choice between a seat that is attached behind or under the actual pram seat at the front of the pram. The orientation of the seat can also vary and also be adjusted: The direction of view can be towards you or out into the wide world. If you want to buy a second seat, you should also remember to buy amatching seat cover.

If the sibling is a bit bigger and the second seat is too small, you can easily attach a footboard for the pram . If the child doesn't feel like it anymore, he or she can simply stand on it and ride along! This is not only practical, but also fun.