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Baby carriage hanger

What is the pram handle for?

A pram handle is an important part of every pram or buggy. It is not only practical, but also provides the child with the necessary safety to avoid falling out. In addition to safety, it is possible to equip the handlebars with colourful toys so that your child does not get bored on the way, but can keep himself busy. However, as some models do not have a pram handle, this can be easily and optionally purchased. The handlebar can be attached to the pram in a few easy steps, so that not only the child is protected, but the parents also have a better feeling.

What should I look for when buying a pram bar?

In order for the pram bar to really provide the desired safety, it should be compatiblewith the pram. A distinction is made between a rounded and a straight shape, so that the model can be perfectly adapted to your own wishes and ideas. The size of the pram handle is also very important. If possible, this should be chosen so as to achieve a perfect connection between both sides. Depending on the model, the handlebar is equipped with a practical cover that can be removed for cleaning.

What other attachments are important?

A pushchair can be individually supplemented with various attachments. The ride-on board or the killiboard, for example, make it possible for the sibling to ride comfortably on the pram without having to walk for a long time. Various adapters, which can also be found there, help to ensure that the pushchair can be practically converted so that it can be used for all situations in life.